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Sex or Weightlifting?

Remember the Adam Sandler skit from a few years back (edit: 1996) called sex or weightlifting? The premise was simple: an audio clip was played to a passerby on the street and they had to guess whether the tape was a recording of people having sex or lifting weights. Obviously, hijinx ensued when they would play someone having sex and called it a dead-lift or a squat-thrust or something like that. Hilarious.

Well, these exists a parallel in Mountaineer sports, at least for me. It's called "WVU highlight tape or internet porn?" As the season gets closer, the more WVU highlight videos get me aroused. Don't act like they don't do the same for you. Sinner.

Well, this next video does a good job of toeing the line between internet porn and WVU highlight tape.