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In Other News, CFN is Dumb

If you have been paying attention to the pre-season rankings, you would have noticed that WVU has generally been ranked in the top 10. has us at #2. The USA Today Coaches' Poll that came out this afternoon has us ranked #6. These are all reasonable predictions.

Unfortunately, College Football News apparently has a crystal meth problem, which has affected their decision making, as hardcore amphetamines have a tendency to do. That is the only logical conclusion. I say this because their own top 25 was released this week. WVU? 24th. WHAT?

Let's hear what they have to say:

The ranking is too low because ... if Pat White and Steve Slaton are Pat White and Steve Slaton for an entire, injury-free year, the Mountaineers could be playing in New Orleans in early January. Slaton is bigger and stronger this year to be able to handle more of a pounding, while White has top target Darius Reynaud back to add a bit of pop to the passing game. The secondary should be able to handle most passing games if everyone plays up to their talent level.
The ranking is too high because ... the offensive line, while potentially good, has to rebuild. White and Slaton can make plays on their own, but if the front five isn't as productive as last year, there's a ceiling on what the team can do. Losing players is one thing, but the departure of line coach Rick Trickett really stings. The defense, at best, is pedestrian with little pass rush to count on and not enough veteran talent on the front six. Outside of Reynaud, there aren't any other receivers to speak of.
Relative Strengths: Running Back, Quarterback
Relative Weaknesses:
Wide Receiver, Linebacker

First, there is an obvious error in the first sentence. It should have read: "This ranking is too low because ... we are complete and utter morons." See, much better.

What they do ACTUALLY say is that if Pat White and Steve Slaton stay healthy, we could play for the national championship. Hence, obviously, the #24 ranking. Because nothing says BCS National Championship Game like being ranked #24. Nice work CFN.

I can only imagine their thought process sounded something like this:

CFN douchebag #1: Florida is a pretty good team.
CFN douchebag #2: Yeah, they really are. Tim Tebow is a stud.
#1: We should probably have them in our top 10.
#2 Definitely, probably in the top 5.
#1: But wait, what if Tim Tebow is abducted by aliens?
#2: Wow, good point. How about #13?
#1: Done.

Just for shits and giggles, who has CFN decided to rank ahead of WVU? Oklahoma State at #19, Missouri at #16, Oregon State at #14, and ... wait for it ... Georgia Tech at #10. I don't even have a joke. That is pathetic.