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Texas Tech Offers Brown A Chance at Redemption

There are many things on the line this Saturday and Saturday’s game becomes very important in the legacy of Neal Brown

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NEW EPISODE: Pitt Recap and Texas Tech Preview

Jordan and Joel share their thoughts and experiences from an electric night in Morgantown where WVU avenged last season’s loss to the Panthers. before getting into how wide open the Big 12 is in their weekly Recap/Precap segment, and then get you ready for next week’s game versus the Red Raiders of Texas Tech.

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The Good, Bad and Ugly of the 106th Backyard Brawl

This was likely the most fun game of the Neal Brown era. A primetime ABC audience got to see us thoroughly own our rivals to the north. This will definitely be the most unbalanced Good, Bad, Ugly that I’ve done thus far.

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What I Think After That Brawl

It wasn’t pretty but it was a win, the first win over Pitt since 2011!

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West Virginia Mountaineers Triumph Over Pitt Panthers, 17-6

West Virginia wins the 106th version of the Backyard Brawl!

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How to Watch the 106th Edition of The Backyard Brawl

West Virginia will look to avenge last year’s loss in Pittsburgh this Saturday, while Neal Brown faces a career-defining moment of his own. Here’s everything you need to know to catch all the action.

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The Latest


Join the conversation in the comments as the Mountaineers seek payback against the Panthers tonight in Morgantown.

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Gather ‘round the crystal ball while our soothsayers take a glimpse at what’s to come when the Mountaineers take on Pitt in the 106th Backyard Brawl

The Shotgun/Throwdown

West Virginia Thread Alert: Take Me Home Country Roads

West Virginia unveils Country Roads uniform ahead of Backyard Brawl

Staring Down The Musket At Pitt

We went behind enemy lines to gain some intel about the Panthers from The Sicko Committee’s Obnoxiously Pitt Girl.


A chance to right last year’s wrongs, and a chance for Real Deal Neal to start winning back this fan base. Pitt. At home. At night. No excuses.

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What I Think After Lightning Storm Saves WVU

Lightning In A Bottle? — West Virginia Storms Past Duquesne After Weather Delay

Where’d this guy come from? (The answer is Martinsburg)

GAME THREAD: West Virginia vs. Duquesne

Join us in the comments as the Mountaineers prepare for next week’s Backyard Brawl with a get-right game against Duquesne

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We're building great things, and we need your talent.

West Virginia Thread Alert: Mountaineers Debut New Combo In Home Opener

NEW EPISODE: “Disappointed, But Not Discouraged” (Penn State Review)

The season is underway and the West By Pod guys are back with a review of the Mountaineer’s clash with Penn State and a look forward to Saturday’s game against Duquesne


The Mountaineers return from Happy Valley licking their wounds and now look to get right ahead of a season-in-the-balance meeting with the Pittsburgh Panthers. Next in their path: the Duquesne Dukes.

Pat McAfee Sounds Off: “the MAC school is going to play against Penn State”

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly of a Season Opening Loss to Penn State

Another season of WVU football has begun. Neal Brown is still at the helm, and Penn State still owns WVU. Reader wvusop04 had the pleasure of being at the game last night, and dropped in with a FanPost to share what he saw.

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What I Think After West Virginia Drops Another One To Penn State

I’ve had some time to sleep on it. Let’s talk about it.

Same As It Ever Was — West Virginia Stumbles in Showdown with Penn State

Stop me if you’ve heard this one

GAME THREAD: West Virginia vs. No. 7 Penn State

Join us in the comments as the Mountaineers travel to Happy Valley to renew a rivalry that has sat dormant since 1992

NEW EPISODE: What stat will we look at to determine Josh Eilert’s success?

Isn’t it nice to have some peace and quiet with Mountaineer Men’s Basketball after a loud offseason?

THE SMOKING MUSKET PREDICTS: West Virginia vs No. 7 Penn State

Gather ‘round the crystal ball while our soothsayers take a glimpse at what’s to come when the Mountaineers take on the Nittany Lions in Happy Valley

West Virginia Thread Alert: Beaver Stadium Traditionals

How to watch West Virginia and Penn State battle for the first time in 31 years

The Mountaineers are gearing up to face off against the Nittany Lions for the first time since 1992. Here’s everything you need to know to catch all the action.

Staring Down the Musket at Penn State

A wild football game appears! Brian Bennett from Black Shoe Diaries helps answer some questions about the Nittany Lions.

Can West Virginia Be “Successful” Against Penn State?

The one place that West Virginia can shock Penn State

WVU FOOTBALL PREVIEW - West Virginia @ #7 Penn State

The Mountaineers are road-doggin’ it to Happy Valley for the first time in over 30 years - can we overcome the odds and play spoiler on the season’s opening night?

NEW EPISODE: What does West Virginia have to do to shock Penn State on Saturday?

We made it to game week! Let’s kick things off with a look at Penn State and what the Mountaineers will have to do to pull off the upset

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What I Think About the 2023 West Virginia Mountaineers

What are the best and worst case scenarios for the Mountaineers in 2023?

We’re closing in on game week, so it’s time to break out the crystal ball.

Top Five Games for WVU Athletics in August

Check out this month’s biggest matchups for the Mountaineers!

West By Pod: Deep Diving Into Baylor and West Virginia

In the final episode of our Deep Dive series, the fellas take a look at Baylor before deep diving into the Mountaineers

WATCH: DougityDog returns with CJ Donaldson highlight video

I’m ready to run through an f’n wall.

NEW EPISODE: How does conference expansion affect West Virginia’s basketball standing?

We’re exploring the new and exciting(?) world that’s been opened by conference realignment

West By Pod: Shifting landscapes and emerging contenders

This week in our deep dive series, the lads take a look at two teams on very different ends of the spectrum in Oklahoma and Cincinnati


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