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Mack says OL will be best ever by year's end

Mack's trolling us, right?

A UK writer on Austin hospitality

UK writer from London hits up Austin for the Wyoming game

Overrated and Underachieving: A Look At Texas’ Class of 2009

Interesting data from The Recruitocosm. Scipio Tex wrote a great piece a few years ago about the outstanding success rate of Texas’ tiny Class of 2005: The Little Class that Could. Consider 2009 The Bigger, Higher Ranked Class that Couldn’t. (Catchy, huh?) If you want to know why Texas was shockingly untalented in 2010 and 2011 by its own high standards, the Class of 2009 is a significant reason why. I was inspired to write this by reading Rivals The Unlucky 13: Top Classes that Fizzled. There were no Texas classes on the list, but the 2009 group has a case.

Welcome Connor, Duke, Camrhon, Alex

Pretty good stuff from The University on the early enrollment guys and The Mack Brown Experience.

Texas lands commitment from multi-tooled, multi-voweled monster

Lucky #7 is a big one for Texas. Deoundrei Davis is the top LB in the state and could also end up playing with a hand on the ground. The 6-3, 215-pound stud from Cypress was flying up recruiting lists, recently picking up offers from the likes of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech and Texas A&M. After Mack offered late Saturday night, it didn't take long for Davis to pull the trigger.

The End of Sabanball & Mack Brown as the Prince of Brunei

Spencer Hall's latest. Worth a gander. Looking forward to being good again. A lot of a team's peak form, the point at which temporary invincibility is universally granted, is ascribed to either strategy or recruiting. There are elements of both, to be sure, but Alabama's recruiting capabilities far exceed what the school's should be on paper as an institution. Tennessee as a state has more people, and yet its flagship university's football program has the highest recruiting budget of any school due to the "unique challenges of the state's geography." Meanwhile, Alabama hauls in the number one recruiting class in the nation despite having a third as many people in-state, and no clear advantage in terms of profitability.* *Greater overall revenue, but expenditures are higher with similar overall net profits. Alabama spends almost twice as much, though, and that's a whole other column. Continuing this fun parenthetical! As a counterpoint, please see Texas and the relative squandering of talent they've managed over the past three years. Money, facilities, and recruiting muscle have gotten Mack Brown little despite having what is arguably the most advantageous hog-wallow in college football. Geopolitically speaking, Mack Brown is college football's Prince Jefri of Brunei, just buying supercar recruits and leaving them to gather dust on the shelf. )

Recruitocosm: Looking Ahead To Junior Day I

bigdukesix previews the 2013 junior day crop.

Vote for Mack in Coach of the Year!

Ok, so voting for GG didn't quite pick up steam. ;) Let's hope we can all support Mack in voting for Coach of the Year. I will definitely vote as often as I can, and y'all should do the same. Hook 'Em!

Mack Brown: Longhorn Network 'a second full-time job'

Aggies can't stand the Longhorn Network. Mack Brown doesn't like it either. Apparently they get access to every practice, every meeting, every everything. And it's making poor ol' Mack Brown have to work two jobs instead of one.

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