Let the weekend of hate begin


So many familiar foes to give your hate to. But who to hate the most?

Forde Pounds Of Crap


Forde's loveletter to UL deserves a bit of extra analysis

Things I Learned This Week


Let's get right to this, shall we. Pat White is good (at running). But we knew that one already. This is a program very much in transition. As much as we want to bitch about playcalling,...

Louisville Open Thread


Go ahead, laud Jeff Mullen one play, abhor him the next. And the next. It's Moutaineer Football 2008, baby.

Whores and Horses: Redux


Note: This piece, which was actually written two years ago, ran before last year's Louisville game. I liked it so much, I couldn't help but run it again this week. Enjoy. Louisville sucks. Not...

It's Louisville Week


After the longest bye week ever, WVU straps it up this Saturday to face the Fightin' Krags. And by Fightin', I mean they lost to Syracuse. Louisville has quickly become a good rival of the...

Don't Be Louisville. Please, God, Don't.


Want to know how worried other Big East programs are about WVU? Glad you asked. Let's just check Louisville (via Card Chronicle) because, you know, they have some experience with this. We've...

Program in Meltdown: Louisville


Note: This is part one of a four part series. Part two (Syracuse) will run later today while parts three (Pitt) and four (Rutgers) will run tomorrow. Wow, even I couldn't jokingly fathom something...

Frankly, There Are No Words...


...except these... If you're scoring at home -- and I know that you are -- that's Louisville QB Hunter Cantwell = 1 ... bullfrogs, basic human dignity, and man's continued evolution from...

Open Thread -- Louisville Edition


We're going to be nice and provide you a place for all your Louisville comments, rants, bitchings, etc. We won't be live-blogging this one, but at least you can spend the game with other By...

Sad Story of Peanut Whitehead


Sad news out of Louisville yesterday as it was revealed that Deantwan "Peanut" Whitehead's football career is over due to a condition called spinal stenosis. Whitehead was injured early in the...

Louisville Is Classy, Part Zero


Apparently, Louisville's Preston Smith spit on Pat White. Having trouble believing a Louisville player could be guilty of such an atrocious act? If so, check the video:[...

On Location: Red Lot


Well, it's that time. Finally, after three whole days of work, Thursday is here. Needless to say, I won't be working tomorrow, so my weekend is starting a little early. And what better way to...

Back When Louisville Didn't Suck


Unfortunately, this was one of the greatest games no one ever saw. If you remember, at the same time, this game was competing with USC-Notre Dame (push Matt, push) and Michigan-Penn State (back...

Do Cardinals Have Teeth?


Am I the only one in the world who looks at the above image wonders WTF. Now I never took a biology class at WVU, but I'm pretty sure that Cardinals aren't hiding teeth inside their beaks. The...

On Location: Carter-Finley Stadium


Unfortunately, I will not be making the trip to Tampa this year. I will be at a football game, however, as I am taking in NC State-Louisville in Raleigh on Saturday afternoon. This should be a...

File Under Amazingly Obvious


You know, some guys just can't catch a break. Today, Louisville dismissed oft-troubled linebacker Willie Williams after his arrest on marijuana possession. Williams, who was brought in as a...

Erik Brown Might Be On To Something


I realize that former Louisville cager Erik Brown has serious mental problems. I wouldn't make fun of that, even if he played at Pitt. But still, I find this statement a bit humorous: Once the...

Louisville Sucks At Tailgating, Life


When you peruse this picture, keep one thing in mind: the beer is a prop. All of these Louisville fans have grabbed fake beer -- the queer one on the right grabbed a fake Corona Light -- and...

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