LOL Boards

Say I Love You The Big 12 Way

When you want that personal touch, who better than a Big 12 football coach to say it for you?

Alternate Universe Mickey Furfari

Stealing from the Mirror Mirror episode of Star Trek we propose that only Mickey Furfari from an alternate universe could set things straight in this universe.

Best Man For The Texas Job

Texas has an option for their vacant head coaching job they aren't considering.

We Call It The Riot Bowl

A poem about the last game of the year with our friends from Iowa State.

WVU related GIFS

Gifs that never saw the light of day. But gifs worth a look

Mountain Men Last Stand: The Trickett File

With the hopes of a bowl game fading fast, coaches Holgorsen and Dawson look for an edge against TCU.

The Weird Science Of WVU Quarterbacks

At a lab deep in the basement of the WVU football facilities. Dana Holgorsen and Shannon Dawson work to build the perfect WVU quarterback.

The Dude Of Morgantown Goes Bowling

An altercation between Art Briles and Dana Holgorsen quickly leads to Mortal Kombat.


ESPN Didn't Believe....Again

I didn't watch the Gameday show today. But apparently they didn't think too much of us. Not that we gave them any reason to. But I've been waiting and waiting for some things to come together...

Mike Leach Has A Solution To Every Problem

Dana Holgorsen calls his old mentor to help fix the Air Raid offense and to get a win against Oklahoma State.


The Number Seven And The Maryland Terrapins

The significance of the number seven in the Maryland-WVU series.

Boomstache! Master Of Punts - Ode To Nick O'Toole

We all love the #Boomstache, so we reworked the lyrics to a heavy metal classic in his honor, including a special guest on drums.

Guess Who's Back In Town

The best and silliest college football moments from week two in GIF form.

Four Verts Or The Secret Weapon: You Choose

Holgorsen has a secret weapon, and he's coming for you Stoops!

Summer Adventures With Big 12 Coaches

Holgorsen on the downhill tricycle, Weis and Snyder as Kansas Mall Rats, and Kliff Kingsbury takes a ride on the zip line of death.

The Butt Dial Defense Is Here To Help Iowa State

All they have to do is sell it to the right people.

Tackle Magic With Charlie Weis

Charlie Weis opts for a theoretical approach to tackling.

Under The Headset With Doug Marrone & GIFs

Listen in as Doug Marrone expresses his apathy for cold weather bowls and Greg Robinson. While Dana Holgorsen has a Sports Center moment. All leading up to the Pinstripe Bowl.

Charlie Weis Turns Spy For The Jayhawks

Charlie Weis goes on a secret mission to spy on Dana Holgorsen

Animated GIFs To Make You Smile

Our dream of the perfect Riot Bowl tailgate and Randy Edsall shows up to the one dinner he should have skipped.

T Boone Pickens And Mike Gundy Talk Good And Evil

Pickens reminds Gundy that he gets in trouble when Dana Holgorsen comes to town.

Off week fun with GIFs

Was It Over When The Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor? Owen Schmitt and this animated GIF say no.

Tommy TuberviLOL Has Schwartz Envy

Animated GIF proof that when you mess with Holgorsen's Schwartz, you'll always end up on the short end of the stick.

WVU vs. LOLhorns: Photoshops & An Animated Gif

Some of the best photoshops we've seen this week, plus a few of our own.

LOL Cortez Doubles Down

Cortez Carter gets de-cleated twice by the Mountaineers in this animated GIF. Learning hurts sometimes, man. It sucks.

LOL: Mike Smith Got A Video Text

What was intended as a secret communication between New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan and Mike Smith about his return to the Jets has become public. And it's not pretty.

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