Hurricane Thursdays

What Else Do You Want From Oliver Luck?


SmithFire13 comes out of Hurricane Thursday retirement to say something that, frankly, needs to be said.

Pepperoni Rolls Voted State Food, Tudor's Revenge


King Tudor speaks out

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: Let's Go Bowling Dude


Hurricane Thursday returns for one more last football hurrah in 2012

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: Happy Hurridays


As we get closer to conference play, we shall take a look into what to what we have seen thus far from the West Virginia University Basketball Mountaineers including analysis of The IstanBull and...

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: SkyFinals Edition


After seeing Skyfall, I'm all hyped up on shaken-not-stirred malt liquor martinis and I'm ready to whip out my Walther PPK for everyone to see.

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: #SinceTexas Edition


Times have changed in WVU Athletics. What was once a formidable contending athletic department is now in rags... or so it seems. Let's take a look back in time to remember the "good old days."

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: Roundball Edition


Roundball is soon approaching and, after the taste we got on Tuesday night, there are a few changes I would like to see made when it comes to Mountaineer Basketball.

Smitty's Hurricane Thursdayish: Religious Texas Ed


Due to the massive amounts of Sandy and the Hurricane-drinking that came of it, Hurricane Thursday is now Thursday....ish. Whatever. Shut up. My head hurts.

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: We Need A Bye Week Ed


In this week's Hurricane Thursday, I'll cover the most likely answer to all of awfulness that is WVU losing two in a row, why it always happens to us, a few things to look forward to outside of...

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: Kansas State Edition


Smitty's Hurricane Thursday discusses the interwebs, the WVU defense performance thus far under Joe DeForest, and the fact that he's calling a victory on Saturday against the Kansas State Fightin'...

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: Texas Edition


These topics include our running game feat. Bubba Sparxxx, breaking down that 4th down sack/timeout, and the fact that defense must improve or we are not winning a national title.

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: Dear Baylor


An open letter to the Baylor Bears offering insight into what they are entering when they come to play Saturday.

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: Week 2


The Week 2 edition of Smitty's Hurricane Thursday discusses WVU's kicking game, noon kickoffs, and Dari Nowkhah's love for WVU football.

Smitty's Hurricane Thursday: First Edition


First edition of Hurricane Thursday, a editorial that is born from malt liquor and backed up by hard statistics.

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