Huggins Featured On GQ List Of Coaches

In a list of 11 fashionable coaches compiled by David Bazner of GQ.com, Huggins’ signature tracksuit look was featured with fellow Big 12 coach Rick Barnes of Texas as well as former Big East rival Jim Boeheim of Syracuse.

Five Reasons Why Harris' Departure Won't Matter

The third winningest active coach in NCAA history understood what he was doing on Monday. Coach Huggins is not worried…so neither should you.


Video: Huggs Previews Baylor

Campus Insiders shared this video of Coach Bob Huggins previewing the Baylor matchup with Geoff Coyle


Video: Huggs Previews Texas

Campus Insiders was kind enough to share this video of Coach Huggins previewing the game with Texas


Video: Inside West Virginia With Bob Huggins

Campus Insiders was kind enough to share this video of Coach Huggins previewing the Kansas State game.

Oklahoma St. Escapes Morgantown With A 73-72 Win

An evenly matched game never got out of hand either way. But in the end, the Mountaineers couldn't finish the Cowboys off.

Three Things We Saw At The Huggins Presser

His worst season in history behind him, Bob Huggins had some final reflections on it as he happily and humbly moves into a hopeful new season!

Bob Huggins Wins LG Coaches Cook Off

Bob Huggins beat out South Carolina's Frank Martin at the LG Coaches Cook Off during the Final Four festivities in Atlanta Saturday. As the winner, $20,000 was donated in his name to Coaches Against Cancer.

Basketball Attrition Has Begun

Hinds, Brown and Gerun granted their release to transfer.

Vote For Huggs And His Charity

We helped get Huggs to the finals last season. Let's see if we can push him over the top this year!!


Straight Talking Huggins Says We're Good

When a man of Bob Huggins experience and candor says his team is good...that means they could be great!

Coach Bob Huggins Gets Career Win Number 700

Congratulations To Coach Bob Huggins For 700 Coaching Victories!!

OK, It's Time For Huggins To Catch More Heat

OK, It's Time For Huggins To Catch More Heat

WVU v. Ole Miss

Feel free to comment away. The Kentucky v. Lamar game is still on Fox Sports South so I have no clue what is going on.

Pounding At The Tad Pad

I don't know about the rest of you but I am ready to put this disappointing football season behind me and focus on basketball. It is tougher to get pumped for basketball games since there...

Is this Heaven? No, it's a Public Restroom

While the rest of you prepare for the Backyard Brawl, I am getting excited for the Mountaineers basketball match up with Iowa in Vegas. The game is 3 years in the making, as WVU was supposed...

Jack of All Trades, Masters of None

Sometimes we're Texas Tech with 5 wideouts, sometimes we're channeling 1970 in a single receiver, double tight end, I set, sometimes, we run fully loaded shotgun, sometimes we run half the...

Basketball Season Is Here???

Is it really time for the first basketball practice of the season? Normally, the start of the season is like a girlfriends period, it always comes at the worst time. This year, however, it...

The Mock Turtle on Ebanks, Jones

Billy Hahn, aka "The Mock Turtle," joined other WVU coaches on a trip last week through Charley West (the town, not your author, because that would be gross). During that trip, he had some...

Yeah...It's THAT Good

"The 25314," I ask myself, "you sexy, good looking zip code, I know Devin Ebanks gives West Virginia a solid recruiting class, but how good is it?" Well, recruiting rankings are out for the...

Devin Ebanks Commits to Mountaineers

...or in other words, our recruiting class just went from top 25 to top 10. If (and hopefully when) Joe Alexander returns for his senior season, CBH will have some tough decisions on coming up...

I Like Swimming With Bowlegged Women

I’ve only been gone a couple weeks and Mountaineer athletics have seemingly gone down the pooper. What the hell are y’all doing up there? Don’t make me come back up there and straighten...

Hey Gorgeous, Leave The WVU Stuff To Us

As a fellow beautiful person, I find it hard to mock Doug Smock. I mean, look at the guy. Just perfection. The flowing locks, the kept mustache, designer glasses, and that playful grin. The...

Huggy Bear Gets Some Honey

As everyone know - if you don't know, you're a terrorist and you should quit logging onto the interwebs from your cave - Bobby Huggins signed a lifetime contract last Friday, keeping him at WVU...

Huggins Lands 6'10" Standout

The Class of 2009 officially took shape last night as Keith Dewitt, a 6'10" power forward from Charis Prep (N.C.), verbally committed to the Mountaineers. Along with the recent offer by CBH,...

2007-2008 Basketball Year in Review

Sorry, had to let you guys squirm just a little longer on our lame attempt at an April Fool's joke. We would have gone for a bigger laugh, but we don't have the wit necessary to pull it off. ...

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