Blog Poll

Blogpoll Final Ballot

The Tide rolls and the Irish are that Russian guy from Rocknrolla

Notre Dame And Alabama Top The Final BlogPoll

End of the regular season BlogPoll ballot has Notre Dame and Alabama in the top two spots.

Week 14 BlogPoll Ballot rough draft

Nick Saban wears a steel jock for just such an occasion and Alabama moves into the national title.

The MAC Makes Their Case

Does the MAC deserve to have two teams in the top 25? Well, hell yeah they do.

Blogpolling with Gene Chizik's fired face.

Lookout Devil, that's Gene Chizik passing through.

Sad Trombone Time

The sad trombone plays for thee, Oregon and Kansas State.

Duck Hunting With Dave Shaw And Jim Harbaugh

We take too much joy in others suffering with gifs of the biggest upsets of the week.

Johnny Manziel Kills Alabama

Keyser Soze couldn't have done it any better.

Tide Rolls On And On And On.

Everyone else is just looking up at Alabama.

Bama Solidifies The Top Spot

Top four teams stay unbeaten. But the Crimson Tide stands head and shoulders above the rest.


Week 9 Final Ballot

Special Gene Chizik on fire GIF to keep you warm.

Week 9 Blogpoll Rough Draft

Evil Mark Richt proves that his Kung Fu is the best and Brian Kelly proves he can dance.

Week Eight Final Ballot

Kansas State moves up, South Carolina moves down, and West Virginia moves out.

Week Eight BlogPoll Rough Draft

Our rough draft ballot for the week eight blogpoll

Week 7 Ballot & Full Recap From The Mothership

West Virginia falls out of the top ten. But that doesn't mean we can't imagine what it would have been like if we had won in this GIF.

West Virginia drops ten spots

Our rough draft has a lot of movers up and down. A painful week for some, a glorious one for others.

Mountaineers and Kansas St. break into the top 5.

The week six final ballot has Florida and Stanford moving way up and the Mountaineers breaking the top five with Kansas St.

Mountaineers moving up with the win at Texas

Animated GIFs celebrating the win against Texas as well as coverage of all the top teams in the country.

Slight changes from the rough draft ballot

Stanford takes a nosedive and everyone else won by just enough to hold their spot.

BlogPoll Rough Draft: West Virginia stays at #8

Outside of Stanford, there really wasn't much movement. If there was a theme for this week, it was that everyone did just enough to beat teams they should beat.

Week Four BlogPoll Final Ballot

The Week 4 BlogPoll ballot sees Kansas State and Florida both jump up six spots and Florida State moves up to #2.

Week 3 BlogPoll Final Ballot

Final week 3 #blogpoll ballot and poking a little animated GIF fun at Randy Edsall.

Week 3 BlogPoll Ballot Rough Draft

Check out our top 25 rough draft and help us make a better ballot. With funny animated GIFs of the USC-Stanford and Alabama-Arkansas games.

Week 2 BlogPoll Final Ballot

The Smoking Musket BlogPoll final ballot for week 2.

Week 2 BlogPoll Rough Draft

Upsets galore shuffle this weeks blogpoll around. Give us your take before we make the final ballot.

BlogPoll Final Ballot Week 1

The final ballot for week one. Alabama is clearly better than everyone else but we're going to play the season anyway. Just in case. #rolltide

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