Recap: Game Five - Unreal. Surreal. Superb. Eers Win.

The Mountaineers came into Saturday 18.5 point underdogs against the #11 Oklahoma State Cowboys and given absolutely no shot after being embarrassed in Baltimore. As we all know, this is the perfect formula for the Big XII to receive their first dose of Mountaineer Magic.


With the news of QB Ford Childress's injury hitting the news cycle on Thursday, QB Clint Trickett was to be the third starting QB for the Mountaineers this year. Going into the game, one could hope that he would be decent enough to make it respectable while the defense would keep the it close. In the end, the defense set the tone and brought down the hammer while Trickett played well enough to seal the deal. It's official, everyone. The WVU defense is the best part of this team and a force to be reckoned with.



The Oklahoma State Cowboys started off receiving the ball in the first half. WVU D put the Pokes into a quick 3rd and 6 and were called on for 15 yard personal foul for playing defense. After that, OSU get a nice screen put a holding call puts them back and they can't recover. WVU LB Brandon Golson ends the drive with a sack and wakes up the noon kickoff crowd. OSU punts to the WVU 14.

WVU QB Clint Trickett steps on the field for the first time this year as a starter and throws a nice pass to WVU WR Jordon Thompson. Nothing much happens after WVU gets a PI penalty to at least advance the ball and WVU P O'Toole punts to the OSU 15.

The Cowboys offense gets a couple decent gains before the inevitable happens. OSU WR Josh Stewart gets some space on a screen and takes it to the house. 7-0 Pokes.


Gotta respond. OSU holds WVU to a quick third down and WVU QB Clint Trickett throws it to WVU WR Ronald Carswell with man-to-man coverage. OSU CB Justin Gilbert, the man covering, is a pro.


Dat extension. I don't blame Trickett for throwing against that defense, but you can't underthrow it. OSU starts up at midfield. On 2nd down, awesome happens.


7-7. Refs tried to say he stepped out but....


No, sir. That play could be THE absolute pivotal moment for the 2013 WVU Football team. With all the talk of not getting turnovers even with how well the D had been playing. To negate a big INT by Trickett settled him and the whole offense down. Don't downplay this, folks. The season changed at the 7:10 mark of the 1st Quarter on Saturday.

The Mountaineer defense come right back out and get a three and out. WVU got the ball at the 35 and went three and out as well. O'Toole did was he does and put it back to the OSU 30. OSU RB Desmond Ronald found some space with a 22 yard run to take the ball to midfield. The Pokes offense sputtered out at that point and weird started happening for the Cowboys. OSU P Kip Smith (no relation, I promise) punted for 16 yards. It's insane being on the good side of the punting battle.

WVU QB Clint Trickett woke up. He threw a nice pass to WVU RB Charles Sims for a good gain and OSU hit him after the throw. Boom, 15 more yards. After a Tavon touch pass to WVU WR Daikiel Shorts for five yards, WVU QB Clint Trickett throws a 35 yard dime to WVU WR Ivan McCartney. Dropped. Now, the OSU defender made a good play to contest it, but again.... you gotta catch that. Everyone in the state of West Virginia muttered something about Stedman just in time for WVU RB Charles Sims to get a wide open screen and run for 17 yards down to the OSU 35. On 3rd down, WVU WR Kevin White loses his defender for a smooth Trickett pass to the end zone. 14-7 WVU.


OSU responds with a third and out including the WVU defense holding them on a short distance. The quarter ends there with the Milan Puskar Stadium crowd giving a standing ovation to the boys in old gold.


Trickett overthrew a TD with McCartney streaking down the field on first down. The Cowboys were playing their safeties way up to stack the box against Sims/Smith/Smallwood and trusted their corners to play shut down just straight up. This pretty much went on all game with Trickett occasionally launching some passes and most of them fell to the ground. The next play, however, was not a good decision. Trickett threw to a double covered Sims and I swear the defenders just didn't expect him to throw to that area. 31 yard reception to Sims to OSU territory. The Mountaineers aren't able to do much else, but the confidence was building.

After O'Toole pinned the Cowboys inside their 10, OSU gets stuffed on 3rd down to the enjoyment of Mountaineer faithful. Unfortunately, HC Mike Gundy has called a timeout before the snap. Redo of 3rd down, OSU converts a 17 yard pass to OSU WR Josh Stewart. Balls. Next play....


That's the ball coming out. WVU is in business deep in fun territory. Sadly, the Mountaineers can't do anything with it but get the three off WVU K Josh Lambert's toe. 17-7 WVU.

OSU QB J.W. Walsh comes out remembering the name on his jersey and marches down the field including a 14 yard run by Mr. Walsh himself. On the eighth play of the drive, they walk it in on a 27 yard reception. 17-14 WVU.

WVU got a PI penalty and a couple passes to Shorts and WVU TE Cody Clay to get across midfield. Just when it seemed to be moving well, Clint Trickett threw up a Florida worthy arm punt. Awful decision after a few really good ones. OSU get one good gain but do nothing with the turnover. Weird happens again. OSU P Kip Smith punts it a whole 13 yards to the OSU 43. The bounce on this punt was unreal.


Poke frustration at a maximum. Of course, we can never do it the easy way. Trickett fumbles the Tavon touch but jumps on it eight yards in the backfield. Scary moment. Next play, Trickett throws 40 yards to WVU WR Mario Alford at the 11. Three plays later, WVU RB Charles Sims punches it in. 24-14 WVU.

With just under three minutes left in the half, OSU returns the kickoff to their 40. The Mountaineer defense bended certainly, but stopped them to force a 44 yard field goal to end the half. The OSU special teams theme continued. No good.


The Mountaineers received the ball at the start of the half and started off swimmingly.


Worst kickoff return to not have a turnover involved. WVU goes three and out but gives a lil space for WVU P Nick O'Toole to boot it back across midfield to the OSU 42. Three plays later, OSU FB Jeremy Seaton catches a 30 yard pass right down the middle. 24-21 WVU.

Clint Trickett and the Mountaineers respond really well with good runs from Charles Sims and receptions from McCartney, WVU TE Cody Clay, and WVU WR KJ Myers. The drive stalls at the OSU 33 and Josh Lambert trots out to tack on three. He doesn't. Missed FG.

While this was the most vulnerable point of the game for WVU, the Mountaineers and Cowboys trade three and outs for a bit. Nothing much else happens outside of a couple things. First, Jordan Thompson fair catches at the 3 yard line.



Luckily, we have WVU RB Charles Sims and he takes the ball and runs over people to the WVU 28. Second thing was that Trickett starting to get into a rhythm toward the end.


WVU and OSU trade punts until the 12 minute mark where OSU QB J.W. Walsh starts to get into a rhythm and throws a big pass to OSU WR Tracy Moore to put the Cowboys inside the Eer 10. Some BS call on WVU Ishmael Banks made it 1st and Goal at the WVU 4. The Mountaineer defense needed to stand tall and they stood even taller. OSU RB Jeremy Smith carried it to the 1 on 1st down. 2nd down, OSU throws it to the corner and WVU CB Travis Bell does his best Dikembe Mutumbo impression with the rejection.


Fourth down, Smith gets stuffed for a loss. Huge. Holding J.W. Walsh and this offense to a field goal on the 1 isn't supposed to happen. Weird happens again.



He missed a 23 yarder. Hoooooollyyy hell. Does WVU put it away? Nope, in fact, both teams go three and out. Advantage: WVU. After a Cowboy illegal block penalty, WVU gets good field position to start off a drive with less than eight minutes left. Trickett starts to ball out. Hitting Carswell, Shorts, and Thompson for good gains, the Mountaineers find themselves on the OSU 10 but can't bust the door open. WVU K Josh Lambert, however, makes good on his 27 yarder. Best part is that the drive took a good chunk of time off the clock. 27-21 WVU.

Pokes take the ball at the 25 with 3:50something left in the game. On 2nd down, OSU QB J.W. Walsh endangers couches in Monongalia County.



Milan Puskar Stadium knows it's winning time. Great pitch and catches from Trickett to Carswell and Sims to put the Eers in the red zone. HCDH calls running plays for the rest of the drive to set up the 34 yard WVU K Josh Lambert FG to make it a two possession game. Field goals shouldn't be what win conference games.... don't care. 30-21 WVU.

How does the #11 Oklahoma State Cowboys led by J.W. Walsh respond? Three and out. Game, blouses.



- Holgo got a little heated this game attracting some attention.


- Huge moment for Clint Trickett. He was even hurt at one point and had to sit out one play. This caught the attention of the Rece Davis. Tons of heart.

- Everyone on our defense gets a game ball. The fact that Jeremy Smith couldn't do a damn thing all game was the key. D-line dominated and the linebackers swarmed.

- Wide receivers caught the ball when they had to. It needed to happen.

- OSU didn't play that well of a game. Plus, we got practically all the breaks. Keep that in mind before going and tweeting Baylor how great we are.

- Quit flipping over cars. I hope all of you get expelled. Jackasses.

- Send in your Gameday pictures to the Facebook page or Twitter. I'll throw on here the best ones.

- Podcast Mailbag is open for business. Send your questions or comments here, the Facebook page, or to @SmokingMusket or @SmithFire13 on Twitter.

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