Mike Leach Has A Solution To Every Problem

Mike "The Tank" Gundy makes a big splash in Morgantown - John Radcliff

Dana Holgorsen calls his old mentor to help fix the Air Raid offense and to get a win against Oklahoma State.

Scene: Thursday night in Dana Holgorsen's office. The coach calls his old mentor Mike Leach for some advice on how to beat Oklahoma State.

(the phone is picked up with the clank of metal on metal in the background)

Leachphone_medium Hello?

Dana_phone_medium Hey coach, it's Dana. What's that noise?

Leachphone_medium Oh, just teaching the new O line coach a few things about life and pirating.

Dana_phone_medium Oh yeah, I remember those days. Still got the eye patch you gave me.

Leachphone_medium So what can I do for you?

Dana_phone_medium Well, I'm having some trouble getting the offense going this year. To be honest, we've been doing a lot of running.

Leachphone_medium Running? You know there's a cure for that, right? Remember that night in TJ and going to the doctor the next day? Just go to the local Quick Care. They'll get you fixed up.

Dana_phone_medium No coach, we've been running the ball a lot. Like more than we pass it.

Leachphone_medium .......Is this a joke? Did Mumme put you up to this?

Dana_phone_mediumNo, I'm serious! We're playing Oklahoma State this weekend and we need to find a way to win before the natives get restless.

Leachphone_mediumOh, Gundy? Look, here's what we're going to do...

Meanwhile in Stillwater

Gundy2_medium ...okay honey, good headset check.

Mikes_wife_medium Now Mike, don't forget what I told you about staying away from that Dana Holgorsen. He's always getting you in trouble. You promised Mike the Tank wasn't coming back anymore.

Gundy2_medium I know honey. Those days are behind me.

Mikes_wife_medium Call when you get there...

Leachphone_mediumSo by the time he figures out what's going on, it'll be too late.

Dana_phone_mediumSounds like a plan, coach.

Friday night in Morgantown

Gundy2_medium Look Dana, I'm just not sure I can trust you. Besides, isn't that where all the fraternity houses are?

Dana_phone_mediumIt's not a big town Mike. Everything's close. It'll just take a few minutes. Then I'll get you back to the hotel.

Later that night

Leach_mediumLet's get him back to the hotel

Dana2_mediumLet's do it. And thanks coach. We shouldn't have any trouble winning now.

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