The Smoking Musket Bubble Watch: February 20, 2013


After dropping two of their last three, the Mountaineers have eliminated any room for error as they try to play their way onto the NCAA tournament bubble.

I have to admit, when I did the first edition of the Smoking Musket Bubble Watch, I really thought the Mountaineers would beat Texas Tech and either Baylor or K-State. Seriously. I know I'm an eternal optimist, but you don't start blogging about WVU without them somehow being able to keep your attention for extended periods of complete frustration. Either that or an uncommon fixation with train wrecks, car accidents and general fail.

So, yeah. Things didn't go the way I planned. I may have thrown a few household items during the Baylor game, which otherwise ruined a pretty great night of homemade filet and outstanding Sangiovese (don't knock it til you've tried it) with my special someone. As an aside, you know you've got a keeper when she understandingly allows you to throw said assorted household items with complete understanding as to the source of your frustration. Saturday I pretty much laughed through the Texas Tech debacle. Then on Monday, I just had to revel in the push that the Mountaineers forced by rallying from 20 down at the 3:22 mark to lose by only 10. We'll call that one a push.

Okay, so on to the remaining games:

  • 2/23 v. Oklahoma State 19-5 (9-3) RPI: 23 - So, this one's at home. That's about the only reason we could sorta possibly maybe have a chance. And they're fallible. They lost to Iowa State, who we almost beat in Ames. Feeling confident yet?
  • 2/27 v. Baylor 16-9 (7-5) RPI: 56 - Hey! Another home game! ...
  • 3/2 @ Kansas 21-4 (9-3) RPI: 9 - Um. Well, they lost to TCU, so I guess anything is possible?
  • 3/6 @ Oklahoma 16-8 (7-5) RPI: 18 - It's hard to beat the same team three times in a year! Right guys? Guys?
  • 3/9 v. Iowa State 17-8 (7-5) RPI: 47 - I honestly think we have a chance to win this. If Dom Rutledge can't get a start in this one, Huggs needs to go. Or something.

Yeah, we have to win all the remaining games and a few in the conference tournament to even get in the discussion. That's entirely unlikely. If they could pull it out of nowhere, they would have some solid wins. But let's face it, it's not happening. But as long as we can still get on the bubble by doing something other than winning the Big 12 tournament, I'll keep updating this.

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