Week 2 BlogPoll Rough Draft

1. Alabama - Nothing to see here. Everyone got a touch in the auto-pilot 35-0 win over Western Kentucky.

2. LSU - The only way LSU would have been more impressive is if Zach Mettenberger would have hit those slant routes in stride. I believe a couple could have gone for touchdowns if the receiver didn't have to wait on the ball.

3.Oregon - The final score doesn't look much different than the USC score and maybe I should be a little more forgiving for USC having to travel across the country. But I'm not. The Ducks get out on top of their opponent and cruise. The Trojans didn't this week.

4. USC - The final score looks good, but it was 21-16 at the end of the third quarter. Not to poo-poo on Syracuse, because we've been there. If you want to be the number one team in the country, this can't happen.

5. Florida State - I guess this is the Mountaineer's fault. Poor Savannah State. The Noles did what they had to do. Can't move them up, but won't move them down either.

6. Michigan State - Dantonio didn't run Le'Veon Bell into the ground this week. Which is a good thing for the future of this team. But totally goes against his blood-lust tendencies.

7. Clemson - You have to question how big that Auburn win was last week. There's no question the offense is special, though.

8. West Virginia-


9. South Carolina - They did it with their back-up quarterback and there was never any question.

10. Georgia - Give the devil his due. It wasn't an OMG big win. But Missouri is a quality team hyped up for their first SEC game. They just didn't know old man football could be so tough to beat.

11. Ohio State - I don't think Central Florida is a bad team. Maybe the Buckeyes should have beat them more handily than they did. It's going to take a couple more games to really know.

12. Texas - Oklahoma State's loss is a gain for everyone else.

13. Oklahoma - Ditto

14. Kansas State - They left no doubt against Miami. Last week I thought I had them ranked too high. Now, I think they belong up there a little higher.

15. Arizona - The RichRod era gets off to fast start.

16. Michigan - See what I did there?

17. TCU

18. Louisville

19. Virginia Tech

20. Ohio

21. BYU

22. Florida


23. Oklahoma State - The desert does crazy things to people. We'll give them one more chance before getting the Wisconsin/Arkansas treatment.


via itsalwayssunnyindetroit.com

24. Notre Dame

25. Cincinnati

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