Adam "Pacman" Jones Didn't Spend $1 Million In A Weekend On Just Hookers And Weed - We Have The Receipt

A few weeks ago, we discussed how former WVU corner Adam "Pacman" Jones (he of the recent $11.65 million criminal penalty for that minor incident at the place with the girl in that city where what happens there stays there) was hired by the NFL to speak to this year's rookie class about an insider's perspective on the criminal justice system how not to squander your newfound fame and fortune.

Evidently, during his talk, Jones revealed that over the course of one weekend in the thick of his heyday as Pacman he managed to spend upawards of $1 million dollars---without buying a house, a business, or a small island off the coast of Chile. Although Jones admits that the details of that weekend are (understandably) a bit fuzzy, The Smoking Musket was able to obtain a copy of his credit card statement for the weekend in question. Shockingly, he didn't squander the entire stack of cash on just hookers and weed. Here is what we found:

$73,306.90 - 2006 Cadillac CTS with Burberry cloth top - to replace the 1998 CTS with Burberry cloth top borrowed and lost by Travis Garvin during the course of attempting to rob the Gilmer County Foodland with Alvoid Mays in 2004.

$114,238.78 - Life-size replica punching bag in the mold of Kellen Winslow, Jr.

$3,500.00 - 30th Anniversary Pacman arcade game.

$3,150.00 - Ms. Pacman arcade game (she has a bow on her head).

$24,000.00 - 10 Backyard Blizzard snow making machines (for when the temperature dips below freezing during those chilly Cincinnati winters).

$88,928.98 - Diamond encrusted 24k gold Pacman symbol necklace.

$117,577.50 - McDermott "Intimidator" handcrafted pool cue. You know, just in case.

$222,869.53 - Home entertainment center with stadium seating, leather reclining seats, 10' x 12' HD projection TV with 2003 WVU at Boston College game on continuous loop.

$82,449.88 - Professional wrestling practice ring.

$129.29 - The Rainmaking Machine: Marketing Planning, Strategies, and Management for Law Firms by Phyllis Weiss Haserot (paperback edition).

$99,000.00 - 495 bottles of Cristal champagne - one for each penalty yard Pacman amassed over the course of his WVU career.

$391.05 - 495 famous Krystal burgers - because his groupies screwed up his request for Cristal champagne.

$110,993.30 - Recording studio, soundboard, microphones, synthesizer, keyboard. Used once.

$58,000.00 - Legal fees payable to Angotti and Straface Attorneys at Law regarding potential name change and other "miscellaneous" court appearances in Nevada, Tennessee, Georgia and West Virginia.

$1,412.32 - McDonald's Drive Thru on University Ave. Late night food run.

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