The Fall Down Pass Out: Thursday (06/07/12) Edition


Welcome, By-Godders, to The Fall Down Pass Out. Morning links for the Mountaineers, Big 12, and some other things. Let's get straight to it. Tradition Sports Online released some screen shots of EA Sports NCAA 13 and collected team rating stats. Jason Kirk has the whole story at the Mothership. Needless to say, we did not receive a favorable rating compared to some others. As Kirk says, these rankings are not final. I can imagine some blow back if they are. I'm not making threats here, guys. But you know our calling cards come in threes, right?

On to the links

Mountaineer Links

Big 12 Logo coming to WVU facilities - WV Illustrated - Interesting that the Coliseum court won't be complete until the release of the new Big 12 logo next year. Hopefully this means there is going to be a couple more additions to the conference. Otherwise, I don't know what the holdup is.

Carey, Huggins talk about Stewart at Coaches Caravan - Connect Bridgeport - Missed this when it came out. A link on Blue Gold News pointed me there and you'll like it if you haven't read it yet.

Can Geno be contender for Heisman in ‘12? - The DA - It'll be a group effort if he does.

Camaraderie is the hallmark of now-thriving West Virginia staff - Bruce Feldman CBS - Hard to imagine last year could have turned out any better, considering.

Wolfley Hall of Fame Bound - MSN - Ron Wolfley was the heart and soul of some of my favorite Mountaineer teams. The fake punt against BC was priceless. I think that was the same game he leveled Straford on a kick off. Am I remembering that right? Congrats Ron!

Randy Mazey profile - MSN

WVU can overcome Obstacles - MSN - New facilities, new coach, new attitude.

I messed this up yesterday - David Ubben Twitter - Thanks for the picture Geoff

Mike Vanderjagt may keep his job...and get a promotion - WVU Pros

Big 12 Links

Big 12 point spreads - Beyond the Bets - WVU comes in at 6-3 in conference.

Suspended Oklahoma players lose scholarships - SB Nation

Ricky Seals-Jones De-Commits From Texas - Burnt Orange Nation

Kansas State AD contract extension through 2018 - ESPN

Why isn't the college world series more popluar? - Frogs of War

Williams ran into history in 1998 - ESPN

Video of Interest

Randy Mazey Introduction as Baseball Coach.

Videos of Some Interest

Shovels & Rope - Saw them at Nelsonville. If they come to your town, GO!

Gonna see The Kernal soon.

The Kernal - Where We're Standing from Kevin Winkler on Vimeo.

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