The Fall Down Pass Out: Friday (05/04/12) Edition


Welcome, By-Godders, to the Friday edition of the Fall Down Pass Out. It has a little more meaning today since the juice was flowing last night. If you haven't attended the coaches caravan, you need to. It's absolutely too much fun. Hats off to JP Henry's for putting on an incredible event.

The first guest I met was Barry Switzer. That dude is just incredible. I know he's drawn a lot of ire around Big 12 country over the years. But he didn't do it by finishing last. I do believe he could sell anything. Oliver Luck is just flat out funny and charming. Not really hard to tell why he and Switzer have been so successful. Owen Schmitt is every bit the rock star that handles it with grace you'd think he would be. As was Quincy Wilson. Billy Simms is not shy about his feelings for Texas. This much we know. Holgorsen walked by our table and immediately said, "Not you guys again." Inside joke with one of the folks I was sitting with. But he meant it in a funny way. I have no idea how these guys can remember so much and so many people. But it's things like that that make you not feel like a number or a face in the crowd. I can't repeat his or Huggins speeches, but man...just flipping great. Be excited Mountaineer fans!! It's going to be a great year!!

One point of emphasis that Luck did make, really the only serious part, was that we need to welcome our fellow Big 12 fans into Morgantown. Nothing subtle or self loathing about what he said. Just flat out said we need to put our best foot forward. I'm very much in agreement and can't wait to meet and greet Big 12 fans to Morgantown.

Country Roads will have something later today on the EDSBS charity drive. So make sure and come back for that. Now on to the links.

Caravan Links (they all fall into this category today)

Full house attends WVU Caches Caravan- First sellout for the Parkersburg stop.

Luck Tackles Big 12 issues, finances - This is just the beginning.

OU legends Barry Switzer, Billy Sims discuss West Virginia in the Big 12- They were very complimentary of WVU and how we will fit in the Big 12.

Stanford AD Bowlsby Named Big 12 Commissioner- WV Illustrated coverage. Luck certainly has ties with the new commish.

Hype Growing For WVU's Big 12 Move- Instant contenders according to Switzer and Simms.

I was really hoping to have some video from last night, but it's not up yet that I've seen. I'll look for stuff as the day goes on. Have a great weekend, Mountaineers!

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