Troll Opposing Fans And Donate To A Good Cause...At The Same Time!

Marshall Head Coach Doc Holliday applauds your trollish charity. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

John Radcliff mentioned this earlier in the week in his Fall Down/Pass Out feature, but I think it deserves another mention here: the transcendent college football blog Every Day Should Be Saturday is running a charity drive to benefit Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services of Atlanta. In all actuality, they may just be trying to raise money to throw a FUGEES concert for all I know. Honestly, I may have to donate more money if that's really what's going on. But the contest itself is the fun part. Here's the skinny, as per Spencer Hall himself:

You can donate online, and could just write any old donation in, but we don't like do things normally. Instead, in the DESIGNATION line, please write the rivalry score of your choice in, and then denote your school and EDSBS donation. So, if you're an Alabama fan, you just write something like 21-0/Alabama/EDSBS in the box, and then contribute.

You have to round up this year thanks to the new donations system that does not allow anything but whole dollars, but please taunt away in the notes. We will track these of course, and in the end award our bounty of trophies to the winning school with the highest donation total.

That bounty includes:

  • A reskin of EDSBS. Last year's featured a spectacular Bo Schembechler reskin, so if you want the gristly sight of Pat Dye's face adorning the upper left hand corner up there, well, get on that charity pony, Auburn. WE KNOW HOW GOOD YOU ARE AT MOVING CASH.
  • An entire episode of Shutdown Fullback devoted to your school. In a good way, mind you.
  • A custom essay focused on doing nothing but denigrating the things the winning school finds deplorable.

If total donations exceed $30K, we'll do...SOMETHING amazing. Like eating a wheel of cheese with the winning school's logo on it. This is actually quite a sacrifice on our part, since we both hate cheese and would likely vomit it up on camera. And if you think eating something you hate is bad, try having it pass twice through the gates of gluttony, and then talk to us about food hell.

As WVU fans, we have a number of excellent options for this. $70.33 would of course be an appropriate donation, and many ACC fans and South Carolina alumni have actually followed suit, just to point and laugh at Clemson. John Radcliff took it a step farther and donated $99.00 in honor of Darwin Cook's game-changing fumble recovery touchdown.

Me? I chose to get a little more creative, and to troll a school a little closer to home. No, not Washington & Jefferson, but our little brother to the south. You see, the WVU record for most points scored in a single game is 92. Set in a game played in Huntington, West Virginia, on November 6, 1915. In a game the Mountaineers won by 86 points (the opposing team scored its lone touchdown on a trick play that was subsequently outlawed). So in honor of the 1915 Friends of Coal Bowl (that's what it was called back then, right?) against Marshall, I donated $92.06.

I trust your charity will be equally as creative and trolling.

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