The Fall Down Pass Out: Friday (04/20/12) Edition

Welcome, By-Godder's, to The Fall Down Pass Out. With WVUIE97 off on his conquest of Europa, a stand-in for the Shotgun/Throwdown was needed. As I explained it, it's a S/T for light weights, because I couldn't ever do anything that thorough. We'll have a spring game preview along later today. So accept this as everything else. Hope to see you up there Saturday. Let's Go!

Mountaineer Links

Everhart, Huggins Have Not Discussed Opening at WVU- Interesting to me as I wasn't aware of the depth of their friendship over the years stretching back to when Huggins was playing at WVU.

FCA Student-Athletes Speak Out- Kevin Jones speaks on his association with FCA.

Landau Murphy plays hoops with Randy Moss, inspires kids with Pat White - Murphy is teaming up with Mountain State greats for charity.

Coaches Caravan To Visit Wheeling (with special guest)- Former Oklahoma head football coach Barry Switzer will join the caravan on May 2nd in Wheeling. Left side of the room yell "41", right side "27".

Walk a Mile In Her Shoes- Sunday, you can walk off that beer and tailgate food to help raise awareness in Morgantown.

Student-Athletes Honored for Classroom Work- I'm kind of heavy on the feel good stories today. Kevin Jones isn't just a rebounding machine. He received the Male Student-Athlete Community Service Outreach Award. Way to go, Kevin. Just another reason, man.

Around the Big 12

2005-2011 Targets and Catches - Interesting post about receiver efficiency. No WVU guys in the top but there is a lot of Big 12 guys...and this, "If you are a high school receiver, why would you ever go to a school outside of the (current or former) Big 12?"

Weis makes emphatic point about winning - I'll have more on this in the afternoon.

Kansas State's Success Won't Necessarily Lead To Pro Attention For Players - We know how this goes.

Aggie Swag- We're lucky to not have to share the Big 12 with folks like this. It's sooooooo bad, but that's why we point and laugh. Don't leave school early, kid.

Brittney Griner won't be on the Olympic team this summer - That's a shame, hopefully the family illness mentioned turns out for the best.

Red Raider Weekly- Texas Tech football players helping out with the cleanup from last weeks tornadoes.

Fall Down Pass Out video of the day

Obligatory drunk guy falling down...a lot. Put the headphones on if you're at work.

Picture of beer kid via

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