BlogPolling: It's A Bevo Ride To The Top

John Radcliff

Dana Holgorsen and the Mountaineers got a huge win on the road and proved that no defense is safe.

1. Alabama - Nick Saban wasn't happy with the effort against the bye week. But we see no reason to move them down.

2. Oregon - In a way, this team has been overshadowed by another offensive juggernaut. They just keep rolling, though, and I'd guess they are fine with being a bit under the radar. It sounds funny to say that, but from my perspective Oregon hasn't gotten a lot of attention. Just in the polls.

3. South Carolina - The Cocks have been dominant when it mattered so far. Their real season started this past weekend and they passed phase one with flying colors. Up next, @LSU and @Florida. If they can make it unscathed these next two games, they shouldn't be tested again until the SEC title game. Those are some big "ifs", but this looks to be the best team Spurrier has had since he came to South Carolina.

4. West Virginia - It's like Manny Diaz could see the Mountaineer offense coming from miles away and then all of a sudden Geno Smith and company were on top of him. That's kind of what I was thinking with the GIF in this post last week. I thought Diaz and his defense did a really good job of defending the Mountaineers. But I just couldn't pass up an opportunity like this to make some GIF magic.


That being said, this was huge for the Mountaineers and I feel really comfortable with putting them at number four after such a big win on the road..

5. Kansas State - No trouble at all with Kansas.

6. Florida - Certainly a huge win against LSU. I wasn't sold on them being a top ten team until that win. They seem to be able to play whatever style they need to depending on their opponent and their still probably just figuring out how good they can be. Which is trouble for the rest of the SEC.

7. Florida State - I'm not ready to kick them to the curb. There is absolutely no reason in the world why they should lose to NC State. But they did and any chance they had at making the title game probably went out the window.

8. Notre Dame - Miami isn't Miami anymore and the Irish did what they should have done against the Canes.

9. LSU - I think the loss to Florida says more about the Gators than it does about LSU. The Tigers have everything they need but a stud quarterback. For a time, I thought Mettenberger could be that guy. But he hasn't really progressed the way he needed to for LSU to be an elite program. They are still a very dangerous squad, though.

10. Texas - I had them at number nine last week, and I really can't say they deserve to drop more than one spot. It's a really good team we should be very happy to have beaten.

11. Oklahoma - This is my first instinct. My second would be to put Georgia here. I'm kind of up in the air about it.

12. Georgia

13. Ohio State - This was most certainly an ass whooping of the Cornhuskers. I'm not sold on them, though. I wasn't that high on Nebraska to begin with. So I just don't know. I do think they are better than USC.

14. USC - It's hard to believe this was everyone's number one team to begin the year. I know, they only lost one game. It just hasn't been as impressive as I think it should be with so many weapons on offense.

15. Clemson - This really should be a top ten team if you went by talent. Like Georgia and Florida State, they just can't put it together.

16. Stanford - Probably my pic for the Bi-Polar National title. When they look bad, they look real bad. But when they look good, they are one of the best in the nation at what they do.

17. Louisville - They haven't been as impressive since the UNC game. The bye week didn't help. But this is a solid team worth our attention.

18. Rutgers - I thought this team would fall apart after Schiano left for Tampa Bay. But this might be the best team they've had since 2006.

19. Cincinnati - After what happened to Northwestern, I hate to say anyone is doing it quietly. Because coming from me, it's pretty much the kiss of death. But it's a team that has a great shot at the Big East title. Just like the two above them. Is three Big East teams in a row too much?

20. Mississippi State

21. Oregon State

22. Iowa State - War Damn Riot Bowl!


23. Louisiana Tech

24. Ohio University

25. Baylor


I spent way too much time making this to not include it in this post. Because this is how Manny Diaz will wake up for the foreseeable future. Provided he can sleep at all for a while.

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