BlogPoll Rough Draft Week 9

John Radcliff

Evil Mark Richt proves that his Kung Fu is the best and Brian Kelly proves he can dance.

As always, this is a rough draft ballot and we welcome your comments to help us make a better final ballot for Tuesday.

1. Alabama - Completely dominated a Mississippi State team that was just on the outside of the top ten by most accounts. Their application to the AFC South is all but guaranteed.

2. Kansas State - Not to evoke the kiss of death curse, but I don't believe there is anyone left on the schedule that can take them down. Collin Klein may be the star of this team. But the backbone has to be the defense.

3. Notre Dame - This is what happens when Notre Dame gets a quality performance from their quarterback. Oklahoma had chances to get back in the game. But they weren't able to capitalize on them in the first half. That allowed the Irish to sit on the lead in the second half. And all this makes Brian Kelly a happy man.


4. Oregon - I'm not disrespecting Oregon. It's just that the teams ahead of them did more to impress because of who they played. The Ducks will have a chance to get back in the title hunt. But for now, I'm more confident in the top three.

5. LSU - Bye week

6. Georgia - Hate to stack the GIFs so close together, but sometimes that's how it goes. Florida didn't deserve to win the game with so many turnovers. Georgia didn't really do anything to deserve the win until the last drive, on offense anyway. The defense was solid, though. Solid as a pair of nunchucks.


7. Florida State - Sorry Duke. Not yet.

8. Florida - See above.

9. Oklahoma - Worst home cooking in the nation. That holding penalty was sad. Still have to credit Notre Dame, though.

10. Clemson - Nothing to say that hasn't already been said. But until they implode, might as well pretend like everything is okay.

11. Louisville - This doesn't seem right for a team in a BCS conference and still undefeated this late in the season. I think they are good, but I don't think they are top ten just yet.

12. Texas A&M - Lost to Florida and LSU. Killing just about everyone else.

13 Stanford - The loss to Notre Dame doesn't look so bad now. They play the same game as the Irish, though. It also seems that Seattle is Lubbock-North. They registered 10 sacks while holding Washington State to -16 yards. They gave up a good bit through the air, but it didn't show up in the score. If they just had some outside receivers.

14. Mississippi State - What really changed other than they were handled by Alabama?

15. South Carolina - I'd rather not think or talk about it.

16.Oregon State - They didn't have the coffee. Nope, not a drop.

17. Ohio State - Fairly certain this is right.

18. Texas Tech - It happens, guys. Just gotta get back on your donkey.

19. Louisiana Tech - I'd like to see them get another shot at a BCS team. We'll have to wait until bowl season.

20. USC - Ouch, Lane. Ouch.

21. Boise State - I guess. Looking back at their wins, I'd say they don't really have any better resume than several two loss teams. I mean more than I have in front of them presently.

22. Nebraska -They swoon as much as anyone in the country. So, they're up this week. They like the roller coasters.

23. Oklahoma State - ditto

24. UCLA -At this point, why not? I'm not ready to put WVU until we show we've improved.

25 Northwestern -

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