BlogPolling: Week Seven Rough Draft

John Radcliff

Tell us where we're wrong with our rough draft ballot before we update to the final ballot on Tuesday.

1. Alabama - They had to go on the road to find their sacrificial lamb. They certainly found it and the toughest part of the game was getting to Missouri. After that it was all lamb chops.

2. Oregon - Bye week

3. Florida - The Jeff Driskel show rolls on. 177 on the ground and 77 through the air.

4. Kansas State - Like Florida, I think they had a bit of a letdown, and that game was a little closer than it should have been. At this point in the season, though, a conference win is a win. It doesn't really matter by how much.

5. Oklahoma - I know, and I don't care. Two weeks in a row that they have been dominant. It's like a completely different team than the one that started the season. Probably some of the guys that have had to step in for guys that were supposed to start are starting to get it.

6. Notre Dame - I think that was a touchdown. Even if it was, at best the game is tied and we go to another overtime period. Everything was playing into their hands, though, with the weather. I think they still win the game.

7. LSU - I think Spurrier needs a towel.


8. Oregon State - I'm starting to believe in this team. A trip to BYU is a lot like a trip to Lubbock.

9. South Carolina - See above. But I will say that it's hard to go into Death Valley at night and get a win. So I'm inclined to not move them down too much.

10. Florida State - They didn't take BC lightly and played up to their talent level. If only they could have done that against the Wolfpack, they'd be looking good for a spot in the title game.

11. USC - I almost feel like I'm making this pick by default. They seem to consistently play below their potential offensively.

12. Georgia - Bye week

13. Clemson - Bye week

14. Louisville - Bye week. No, wait they beat Pitt. Sorry, I got on a roll there for a second.

15.Mississippi State - Turnovers and time of possession told the story.

16. Texas Tech - See 17.

17. West Virginia - Um....


By putting this GIF in here, I hope no one thinks I'm suggesting Dana should repeatedly punch himself in the face. It does represent my feelings about the game, though. If I would have had a little more to drink, this might have happened.

18. Rutgers - They just keep chopping away and winning.

19. Texas A&M - Probably the best game of the weekend. La. Tech is for real and I hate that they lost this game.

20. Cincinnati - Did what they should against an inferior opponent.

21. Ohio State - They gave up 49 to Indiana. Someone in the AP thinks that's impressive. I don't.

22. Michigan - Welcome back Carter.

23. Stanford - If they had some play makers on the edge, they are a top ten team and probably still undefeated.

24. Louisiana Tech - I can't kick them out after that performance.

25. Ohio University - Still undefeated.

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