West Virginia Mountaineers 2012 Football Recruiting Class Update: January 30 Edition

Hey, there, potential WVU football recruit. Do you like oranges? We do. Oranges are delicious, and provide a variety of essential vitamins and nutrients, including a high concentration of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is important because it wards off all kinds of ailments such as the common cold, scurvy, and being a Pitt Panther. Oh yeah, and they mean you JUST WON A BCS BOWL! See? I told you oranges are great. Come join us for more oranges, won't you? (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Call it the calm before the storm that is Wednesday's National Signing Day extravaganza, but there really hasn't been much to report on the recruiting front since last week's update. I really thought we would start to hear some news with this being the last weekend for official visits, even despite the lack of a home basketball game to entertain recruits. Sure, there are rumblings here and there (which we'll get to in a minute), but nothing confirmed in terms of official visitors, verbal commitments or de-commitments, or anything of the like. Frankly, the lack of news made trying to get over the Syracuse robbery loss that much more difficult. Thankfully, I had an assortment of mini bottles and Braveheart on TNT to help ease my pain.

So what, exactly, is going on as we count down to Wednesday?

  • JT Washington evidently made an official visit to Arizona over the weekend. I find that to be strange, because he's been with us for a while and I thought he was done with his recruitment. I don't think his visit has anything to do with us backing off, but franky, he's the one RB recruit I'm least concerned about losing.
  • Trae Clark took an official to Ohio University and is now listed as a verbal there. While I've long expected him to end up in blue and gold, there may be some grade issues holding him back. If you're going to a MAC school, though, Ohio U isn't a bad choice. They've been decent since Frank The Tank Solich took over as head ball coach, and the party scene is right up there with Morgantown.
  • Nate Smith supposedly visited Temple this weekend. I'm officially perplexed. It's not like Philly is a nice place to visit in January...or ever. If you're going to take a last minute official visit, San Diego State, Houston, and Florida Atlantic would all offer better vacation destinations. I'm not too worried, but stranger things have happened.

Several people asked about our chances of poaching a recruit from Rutgers after Greg Schiano took the Tampa Bay Bucs job. From what I gather, that's not likely. We really weren't recruiting many of the same players to begin with, and at this late stage, we have our attention on other targets.

Oh, yes, the big board. Let's jump to it:

Here's the key: (number of players counting toward the 2012 class in parentheses, players who have already enrolled are in plain text, commits are in bold, de-commits are in strikethru, and new additions are in italics):

QB (1) - Ford Childress, Brandon Napoleon

RB (3) - Albert Reid, JT Washington, Roshard Burney, Torry Clayton

WR (4) - Deontay McManus, Devonte Robinson, Darreall Joyner, Devonte Mathis, Danny McKinney (JC), Jordan Thompson

OL (4) - Tyler Orlosky, Tony Matteo, Will Johnson, Mark Glowinski

DL (3) - Korey Harris, Noble Nwachukwu, Bret Niederreither, Imarjaye Albury, Christian Brown

LB (2) - Sam Lebbie, Garrett Hope

S (3) - Jarrod Harper, Trevor Williams, Chaz Whittaker, Nate Smith, Kimlon Dillon, Sean Walters, Karl Joseph

CB (1) - Da'Quan Davis, Nana Kyeremeh

So what are we looking at for the next couple days in terms of possible additions?

  • LB Daysean Rippy tweeted that he will choose between WVU and Pitt. He previously mentioned something about WVU fans gloating too much about the Orance Bowl win. Rippy is a talent and would be a great addition to the class, but if he doesn't like it when fans gloat about BCS wins, then he would fit right in at Pitt where they not only lack fans to gloat about BCS wins, they don't have any BCS wins to gloat about.
  • WR Joel Caleb is still high on our list. I mentioned WVU and VT, but apparently Ohio State is making a late push as well. He will announce on Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed, as our WR corps would be bursting with talent if we reeled him in.
  • OL Adam Pankey is still on the fence between us and Pitt. Maybe he enjoys gloating about BCS bowl wins?
  • ATH Travares Copeland has been talked about some. He looks to be a heavy WVU lean, and is versatile enough that he could slide into a few different positions.
  • LB Schyler Miles has reportedly made a decision, but will not announce it until signing day. The good guys are in the mix here.

There are a couple players who have previously verballed to SEC programs who could end up in Morgantown. I don't want to throw their names out there at this point for fear of jeopardizing anything, but if they do end up here, it would be a good sign. It's always fun to pluck guys from SEC country.

Finally, there may be a few surprises that even I don't know anything about. That's just the nature of the game. And when I say surprises, they could be good or bad. I will say this, though: after the Orange Bowl, high school kids have noticed what Holgy has going on in Morgantown. WVU is a hot name again, and that can only mean good things on the recruiting trail. Even if we don't land everyone we're after, the Mountaineers will be in good shape. You can count on that.

Be sure to check back often on Wednesday for full National Signing Day coverage and updates on letters of inent as they roll in.

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