Are You Ready For The Most Entertaining Week Of WVU Sports Ever?

Are you ready, WVU fans?  The most entertaining week in WVU sports history is about to kick off.  In some ways, it already has.  With the Mountaineers' thrilling 37-31 win over Maryland yesterday, ESPN announced that this Saturday's tilt with #2 LSU will be televised at 8:00 pm on ABC and will feature Brent Musberger, Kirk Herbstreit and Erin Andrews on the broadcast team.  With the primetime kick comes the first-ever visit by ESPN's College Gameday, as confirmed by ESPN Blogger Andrea Adelson:

West Virginia fans, you got what you wanted: "College GameDay" will head to Morgantown for the first time Saturday when No. 3 LSU travels to visit the No. 18 Mountaineers. 

Both teams are undefeated for this blockbuster matchup, hugely important not only for West Virginia but for the Big East. LSU beat the Mountaineers last year in Baton Rouge, 20-14. 

The game is set for an 8 p.m. ET kickoff on ABC.

As if the media attention on the game wouldn't be enough to satisfy even the most rabid Mountaineer fans...

...Pitt and Syracuse's abrupt departure to the ACC set the college football world ablaze with more rumors of conference realignment, including this tweet from former WVU beat writer Colin Dunlap:


So, yeah...there's that.  While we don't have an official announcement (and may not have one any time soon), I think we can safely say that things are in the works behind the scenes.  Rest assured there will be plenty of discussion and many a report from sources both official and unofficial as the week unfolds.

At this point, what are your thoughts on the huge game (possibly the most hyped since Ohio State visited in 1998)? Can the Mountaineers move the ball on the Tigers' vaunted defense?  Will we be able to stop LSU's potent rushing attack? 

What are your impressions on conference realignment?  The rumors are flowing---UConn and/or Rutgers to the ACC?  Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State to the Pac 12?  A Big East-Big 12 merger among the remaining teams?  Where will WVU end up?  Where should WVU end up?  If the rumors are true, can WVU compete in the SEC?

UPDATE:  At 4:37 p.m. today, Oliver Luck issued the following statement regarding conference realignment.  Note the conspicuous absence of the words "Big East":

"There is no question that the landscape of college athletics is once again changing. West Virginia University has great tradition as the state’s flagship land-grant institution, and we will continue working to do what’s best for our University and its athletic teams. No matter how the college athletic landscape changes, there is no doubt WVU is and will remain a national player." 

Let us know your thoughts and what you're hearing, and be sure to check back often for the latest updates on conference realignment, daily links, game analysis and our standard sophomoric humor.

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