Pat White Finally Signs With The Virginia Destroyers

I told you on June 17 that former Mountaineer QB, Pat White, could soon sign with the Virginia Destroyers of the UFL. The following Monday, I mistakenly told you that he did sign. Today, I can confirm that Pat White did, indeed, sign with the Destroyers following an announcement and teleconference to talk about the signing. 

White's signing will instantly make him one of the most recognizable, and marketable players in the new league.

This comes after White getting cut from the Miami Dolphins prior to last season, and then retiring from the Kansas City Royals in February. Speculation began after the retirement announcement that White would try to play football again at some professional level. 

The Destroyers picked up the rights to White shortly after he retired, but at first it didn't seem that White was interested in signing with the Marty Schottenhiemer led football team. When White made public appearances, he wouldn't give much insight into his professional future. It came as a surprise to me when word spread that White was close to signing with the team. This is a story line that I've kept my eyes on since February. 

Earlier today, the Virginia Destroyers posted this via Twitter:Pat_white_tweet_medium

White will compete with Dennis Brown, Derek Devine and Chris Griesen for the starting quarterback spot. 

"I didn't know whether or not this would happen," White said in a press release. "It's a blessing and playing (for the Destroyers) is a great opportunity."

A few weeks ago, Coach Schottenhiemer was asked about the possiblity of signing former OSU QB, Terrell Pryor. He said then they already had a quarterback (Dennis Brown) and wasn't interested. Now with White in the fold, Schottenhiemer will have a true quarterback competition on his hands. 

My guess is that since the league is touting this as it's biggest signing ever, the front office and league will try to coerce Schottenhiemer into starting White.  

White seemingly already has the endorsement from the Destroyers Director of Player Personnel, Bret Munsey, makes a statement like this:

"He (White) is competitive, a good athlete, and a leader on the field and in the locker. We look forward to see what he can bring the team."

White's career with the Destroyers begins on July 9, when players report for camp in Virginia Beach.

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