ESPN SportsNation Maps Are Lessons In Humility

I came across this yesterday:


And it looks...vaguely familiar. Like I've seen it, or something like it, somewhere before. Of course, we all know what it is. It's an ESPN SportsNaiton map, where the country is invited to vote on the outcome of upcoming sporting events. And in this particular poll, the ENTIRE COUNTRY, save one state (the greatest state in the nation, West Virginia), thinks Clemson is going to beat WVU. Yeah, there are some scattered votes in favor of the underdogs that skew the percentages a bit. But all in all, SportsNation spews nothing but doubt at the Mountain State.

Sure, I've voted in these polls from time to time. Heck, I even voted in this one. But something about the colors of the states, and the percentages. Oh yes, I have seen something like this before. It was almost two years ago, in March:


And do you know what happened after that poll was taken? I do:

THIS happened!

That would be a final of 73-66 over the #1 overall seed Kentucky Wildcats in the 2010 Elite Eight. You know, the same Kentucky team favored to run roughshod over the rest of the field with sensational freshman John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins. That would be an 18-point barrage from Da'Sean Butler and another 17 from silent assassin Joe Mazzulla. That would be crushed hopes and torched dreams of a national championship for the UK Wildcats. That would be...beautiful.

But yet, I feel like that's not the only other time I've seen something like it. Oh yeah, about 4 years ago, before another BCS bowl. That's when THIS happened:

THAT would be a 48-28 curb-stomping of the #4 ranked Oklahoma Sooners who some predicted would "blast" WVU by "at least 3 touchdowns." THAT would be an offensive clinic hosted by Pat White, Noel Devine, Darius Reynaud, and Owen Schmitt. Trust me, it was a legit clinic. I paid $100 on my way out of the stadium.

Do you see that, SportsNation? Have you not learned your lesson by now? BAD things happen to GOOD teams when you doubt the Mountaineers! Bad things happen to your favorite teams and your favorite players and your favorite pets. DO YOU SEE THAT MAP, BRUCE IRVIN? DID YOU TAKE NOTICE, KEITH TANDY?

NOBODY believes in you. NOBODY, except your home state. I trust you will respond accordingly.

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