Week 7 BlogPoll Has A Little Crazy, But Those Other Polls Are Insane

College Football Rankings 2011

Results for Week 7

# School Points/blog SD Delta
1 LSU Tigers (65) 24.66 0.58 --
2 Alabama Crimson Tide (20) 23.91 0.75 --
3 Oklahoma Sooners (6) 23.18 0.86 --
4 Wisconsin Badgers 21.25 1.25 --
5 Boise St. Broncos 19.89 1.92 --
6 Oklahoma St. Cowboys 19.47 2.50 --
7 Stanford Cardinal 19.02 2.14 --
8 Clemson Tigers (1) 18.76 2.25 --
9 Oregon Ducks 16.01 3.26 --
10 Arkansas Razorbacks 14.59 2.33 Arrow_up 3
11 Michigan Wolverines 14.55 2.71 --
12 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 14.45 2.38 Arrow_down -2
13 Illinois Fighting Illini 11.42 3.52 Arrow_up 1
14 Kansas St. Wildcats 10.10 4.24 Arrow_up 5
15 Nebraska Cornhuskers 9.93 4.10 --
16 West Virginia Mountaineers 9.36 4.06 Arrow_up 2
17 South Carolina Gamecocks 8.72 3.82 Arrow_up 3
18 Arizona St. Sun Devils 8.53 2.89 Arrow_up 3
19 Virginia Tech Hokies 7.14 3.61 Arrow_up 3
20 Baylor Bears 5.23 3.01 Arrow_up 7
21 Houston Cougars 4.13 4.11 Arrow_up 4
22 Michigan St. Spartans 3.96 3.58 Arrow_up 2
23 Texas Longhorns 3.51 3.30 Arrow_down -11
24 Texas A&M Aggies 2.35 3.37 Arrow_up 2
25 Penn St. Nittany Lions 1.73 2.82 Arrow_up 9
Others Receiving Votes: Auburn Tigers | Washington Huskies | Notre Dame Fighting Irish | North Carolina Tar Heels | Georgia Bulldogs | Florida Gators | USC Trojans | Wake Forest Demon Deacons | South Florida Bulls | SMU Mustangs | Rutgers Scarlet Knights | Cincinnati Bearcats | TCU Horned Frogs | Southern Miss. Golden Eagles | Texas Tech Red Raiders | Louisiana Ragin Cajuns | Temple Owls
Updated: Oct 11, 2011 9:30 AM EDT

SB Nation BlogPoll College Football Rankings 2011

To this point, I've taken a pretty negative view of the BlogPoll. Even though I'm part of it, I've found time to point out it's shortcomings in my weekly wrap-up. So heading into the bye week, I'm going to pick on someone else.

That someone else would be the USA Today Coaches Poll and the Harris Interactive Poll. The two combine to make up 2/3 of the BCS rankings. Unfortunately, they also make up 3/3 of the crazy. By that, I mean one is supposedly made up of current coaches, and the other is made up partly of former coaches. Just to remind you, anytime a coach is asked about his team's standing in the latest polls his reply is always, "I don't pay attention to those things." Or some derivative of that statement. So naturally we put these folks in charge of something they claim to not care about.

Sure it's all coach speak, and some flunky SID employee probably puts the coaches poll together for him to sign. But can you really look yourself in the mirror and say Oklahoma stacks up to what LSU has done this year? USA Today not only thinks so, they claim Oklahoma solidified their top spot last weekend. Harris is less sure with OU at #3. But 24 of their voters still put them #1. By comparison, Crimson and Cream has OU #3. Oklahoma has a fine team, they might be the best team at least for one night. I use them because it's the most glaring problem with the BCS and polls in general. What they are saying with their poll is that they made a decision back in August before anyone played a game, and as long as OU doesn't lose, they're going to the national title game.

That kind of determination is why we hire coaches to coach our team. But it shouldn't be a quality we look for in pollsters. The BlogPoll isn't the only answer here. But if we can't get rid of the BCS, we should at least look at fixing how we choose these teams.

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