Marshall Insult Thread:  #youaremarshall

I was gonna put a picture here but didn't want to dress down the place

Today we are having fun insulting that school down South.  Many of you have been tweeting away, but for those of you who don't tweet, fire at will in the comments section.  There's a rundown after the jump of the insults so far (I don't judge, I just list 'em).  I'll try to update several times through the afternoon.

You consider winning the cheerleader challenge as revenge for both bball teams losing to WVU.

You claim a share of the 06 hoops NC bc you beat wvu, who beat ucla, who beat alabama, who beat national champ florida.

@: Asst. at Pitt to HC in Huntington, it's a lateral move of suck

@ because you suck at everything and will always play seconds to WVU.

@ The best thing about you is a movie.

You claim to be better than WVU, yet get dome-rocked every year in football and basketball.

@ You tried to offer your HC job to McConaughey before settling on Doc.

The day you make it into a BCS conference is the day we lose our war to the aliens and civilization ends.

Five Guys is listed in the Huntington Visitor's Guide before your school.

WVU fans wake up in the morning and piss excellence. You wake up in the morning and piss Crisco

RT @ The day you make it into a BCS conference is the day we lose our war to the aliens and civilization ends.

Can't be offended about all the jokes at your expense because you don't have the internet.

The Huntington Mall sells more gold'n blue than green and white

You are not Tech, You are not Pitt, You are not our rival,

It's 9:00 AM and Pitt still sucks. It's also 9:00 AM and you're still not our rival.

@ 3 of your all-time wins are actually close losses

Huntington Prep would have a better chance tonight.

@ playing in the civic center is a facilities upgrade

@ WVU = Huggs. = a Florida school's next coach.

I almost don't want to go to tonight's game because Marshall is playing.

My dad said he would buy me a brand new car if I commuted to Marshall. I picked no car and WVU.

I always got confused when the students would chant "We Are Marshall," like they were proud of that. Low standards, I guess.

WVU wins championships. You just play for them

@ tonight's telecast featuring John "Bending" Sanders will be best announcing crew to do a MU game all year

In those commercials, you're the dumbass who didn't go to Jared.

After tonight don't forget...unfortunately still.

Ricky Gervais thinks you're a closeted gay Scientologist.

When asked, former students lie and say they never went to college instead of admitting they graduated from Marshall.

Tonight, Marshall triples their average attendance in one game.

No, Marshall fans, the beer vendors at the Civic Center don't accept food stamps.

wvu fans purchase season tickets for football to go to one game. Seats remain empty for all other games.

DJ Stuart
@ THe only intelligent thing in Huntington is the sign on I-64 that reads, "Morgantown: 207 miles."

You proudly wear a shirt from krogers that says motor city bowl champs.

Where just beating the spread = playing for championships.

Breaking: Marshall has inked 10 year, $25 deal with ESPN to not be shown on TV.

Capitol Classic - the only time Marshall gets put on tv.

@ "We Are Cabell County Community College" may not roll off the tounge, but it is truer.

hey turd fans!! howd u blow that lead u had against in football this year?? oh thats right i forgot, bahahahaha

"Hey, this game was competitive during the Beilein years. Remember that? Yeah, baby."

Marshall students plan to rush the court at halftime if they're down by less than 10.

Marshall is the only school where you can major in smoking crack

Your most visible fan is a mullet in a white suit

@ Pitt eats all the sh*t and leaves nothing for you.

Would rather play in the tournament than the NIT.

Marshall- the reason the Capital Classic isn't show outside of West Virginia.

remember . Always the little brother.

i wonder if is okay with stealing their "we are marshall" chant?? oh wait and theres nothing u can do!!

I'd b pissed if the Capitol Classic interrupts my regularly scheduled programming if it weren't for playing.

It's ok to be mediocre. There's proof in Huntington

I hear there's a storm coming to the area but it has nothing to do with thunder or 'the herd'.

Getting beat in overtime was the biggest win in school history

Doc Holiday doesn't know tonights playbook.

10 wins is the definition of a successful season... in basketball

I was going to post more on the subject, then I realized that "You are Marshall" is insulting enough for anyone.

Lunch time. Be back after some Marshall grad finishes taking my order.

Thanks for delivering my pizza Marshall Grad.

Win over SMU helps ur RPI

When asked, former students lie and say they never went to college instead of admitting they graduated from Marshall.

Randy Moss is even ashamed to say where he played

Southern Cabell County Community College

Considering yourself better than WVU by winning a D1-AA National Championship

OJ Mayo and Patrick Patterson didn't even want to play at Marshall

Ahmad Bradshaw was jus barrowing that PS2.

Only time Marshall has a sold out game is when they play WVU

Tailgating an hour before the game and drinking sweet tea

If Randy Moss regrets doing it, you know it is bad

If WVU is the Rolex of colleges in West Virginia, Marshall is just looking up at the sun and guessing.

Filling up half the stadium that holds 30,000 people

Mountain Oysters are the Mountaineers favorite dish!

Little sister

You are only relevant in West Virginia two days a year, when you play

Taking a picture of the scoreboard at halftime n believing history is bout to be made, then lose

To be able to say you never beat football

WVU's sports writer @ writes about WVU, your sports writer @ writes about WVU

Realizing how bored I must be to be tweeting about you

Always copying , like the time the Marching Thunder started playing ..Then again, you are thieves;

Copying WVU by calling your Student Section the "Marshall Maniacs"

There's one Marshall fan if my office, and obviously, he's a complete douchebag.

'Beat WVU. And the couch burning Hillbillies they brought with em.' Really? Hillbillies? You realize you're from WV?

Being in a city known for being really fat instead of a party town.

Crack whoring is a legitimate, respected career to mention at Marshall class reunions.

Your only real rival is loose change.

As part of promoting the movie, Matthew McConaughey was PAID to visit and PRETEND to enjoy an awful Herd football game.

If you have nothing to hope for

Who comes from the fattest city in the US lol

Ordering 5 McDoubles and 2 large fries and 1 large Diet Coke

Biggest highlight in your basketball history is of a dude who hit a full court shot

way to suck, suck.

Your most hatred rival doesnt even consider you as a rival

Making espn because you play WVU

" , and I as a WVU fan am embarrassed that we have to entertain your presence every year."

Stealing things from Michigan an Penn state.

Not even making the NIT? have to play the CIT or whatever it's called?

Not even making the NIT? have to play the CIT or whatever it's called?

Also, stealing the maniacs name for your school student section..

Can't come up with anything original for your school or sports teams?

WVU pre-games harder than Marshall parties. Hehe aw..

Your media guide featured a student wearing a WVU hat. Your own students won't be seen in Marshall swag.

You call this game a rivalry.

Kids who drink cold chocky wit da milky kno how to party harder than your bitch beer drinking students

WVU students will never, ever burn a couch after beating you.

Your mascot is a target while we go hunting with our musket.

Just thinkin about partying @ WVU is harder than Marshall parties RT @ WVU pre-games harder than Marshall parties

Marshall Insult Thread: -How big is the "thanks for participating trophy", and at which pizza hut will it be awarded?

Moral victories are good enough

@ Do you remember that Marshall Grad that won Jeopardy? Yeah, me neither.

You obsess about WVU for 365 days a year. We're forced to barely care for 2.

You know its sad when El Dick Fraud wont consider coaching at ur school

Rooting against in bowl games and because u r jealous

All @ is basically sayin is that all it comes down to is that

When a guy wearing a WVU hat is on the cover of your schools magazine.

You have a stadium nicknamed The Joan. Who does that?

@ two words. Chuck Landon

Beating up a pizza delivery guy even tho ya kno all delivery dudes carry less than $20

Close only counts in hand grenades, horseshoes and Marshall sports.

Your new student orientation guide's cover photo has a student wearing a WVU hat.

You won't allow your band to play Country Roads

The Coal Bowl is the only bowl game you'll ever see

Rasheed, the only Marshall that matters.

You consider a game you've NEVER won a rivalry

Marshall fans. RT @ Who owns a shake weight???lol

This. :) RT @ The best season you had was because no other school would put up with Randy Moss...

went to the final four. You can't even count to 4

The movie "We Are Marshall" was so bad that even Gary Busey turned down the role of Head Coach

95.1 radio guy said Go Herd! So I changed stations. I feel my IQ lower as I hear him in my head

and you have herpes

DeAndre Kane isn't able to beat wvu (note the pun?).

Our Hump Day is this: , your's is this:  

You use ukuleles in your marketing promotions if Right @ @?

Losing steam. This is what happens when you try to make fun of not-our-rival.

Where a masters degree qualifies you for the Special Olympics.

@ - Guys I went to school with graduated from Marshall and still ride the short bus daily.

Marshall University: More viral to WVU than a rival.

If you still argue that WVU would have lost to Marshall in 2000

@ - Marshall - The only school my dad talked to and paid them to leave us alone. - Cam Newton.

Chuck Landon left the press box to celebrate beating WVU, too bad he forgot

If you actually think VT and MIA are actually going to come to 13,000 seat stadium

In WV if you yell 'I've got a Herd on' you can be convicted of sexual assault

Some have no sense of humor."@: JUST A GAME | Some fans have no sense of sportsmanship.

Thanks for playing!!!

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