So, Barry Brunetti...

You should already know why I'm over here asking about your former backup quarterback, so I'll spare any sort of pleasant introduction and dive right into this: what is wrong with Barry Brunetti?

Is he a troublemaker, rabblerouser, or all-around ne'er do well? Does he have a snotty attitude? Does he have terrible on-field decision making? Does he not respect authority? Does he not understand even the simplest of playbooks? Does he wilt under pressure?

Something's gotta be wrong with this guy, or else he wouldn't have transferred to my Ole Miss, right? I mean, just look at what we've endured at quarterback for the past several seasons:

  • 2006-2007 - Brent Schaeffer, former Tennessee Volunteer who was kicked out of school (Think about that for a minute; he was kicked out of Tennessee.) for beating the hell out of some guy over a cell phone. He eventually wound up at Ole Miss where shitty coaching compounded with a shittier attitude rendered the otherwise talented Schaeffer completely worthless.
  • 2008-2009 - Jevan Snead, former Texas Longhorn who transferred out of Austin to avoid competing for playing time against Colt McCoy. Soon thereafter, it would be revealed that he wasn't really that good at quarterback to begin with as he would crumble in half of the big games he ever played in and eventually lead the FBS in interceptions in his second season under center.
  • 2010 - Jeremiah Masoli, former Oregon Duck who was kicked off of the team for two run-ins with Johnny law in a year, decides to clean up his image in Oxford, Mississippi. He actually played really good ball for us this past season, at times seeming like the only player on the field to actually give a damn, but garnered our program more negative press than wins. Also, he was only able to suit up for the Rebs for one lone season meaning that his efforts were more-or-less in vain.

Ole Miss hasn't had a starting quarterback since Ethan Flatt ("Who?" Exactly.) who was recruited to play for Ole Miss out of high school. And, since we somehow aren't able to attract talented quarterbacks out of high school, we've become adept to searching around for somebody else's sloppy seconds. I hate to jump the gun on this guy, but recent history has dictated that something somehow must be wrong with Barry Brunetti. What exactly could that be?

Or, somehow, is he a legitimately talented guy who simply didn't want to sit behind an even more talented Geno Smith and wanted to move closer to home? Could it really be that simple and that innocent? Could we have landed, for once, a solid quarterback transfer who could actually remain a part of our program for several seasons?

Thanks in advance. I'll hang up and listen.


PS - Can any of y'all hook a brother up with lift passes at Snowshoe? I'd appreciate it.

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