Q & A With Marshall Coach Doc Holliday

Over the last few weeks I have been soliciting questions from my "friends" at Marshall that they would like to ask Doc Holliday. The excitement that followed was stunning. I thought e-mails would come flooding in for a chance to have contact with their head ball coach.

Little did I know that I would hear back absolutely nothing from my "friends." Nada. Zip. Zilch. That is the love that the Marshall fanbase has for their football program. Great job guys.

I guess it is better off that the Marshall "fans" did not submit any quesetions, because I love being a smart ass and this was the perfect opportunity for me to be a smart ass to the traitor Doc Holliday.

Without further ado...

What was it like living in the Wild Wild West and did you get to meet Will Smith?

Morgantown was pretty wild but I don't know who that Will Smith fellow is. What I do know is that Lee Smith, our senior tight end, is looking forward to replicating Cody Slate's performance from last year in Morgantown. We have a great team and are looking forward to a great with West Virginia on Friday night.

Glad you mentioned Friday night. Was ruining the normal Friday night high school football schedule your main motivation or did Marshall not even think about that factor?

On Friday night a national TV audience will be focused on Huntington, WV to see Marshall play WVU. That was our motivation. We don't care about anything other than Marshall University.

Yeah, I guess people paying attention to Marshall outside of a Cabell County is pretty big for Marshall.

Are you going to call West Virginia University fans racist again?

As you can tell by my actions, I will do anything I can to get ahead.

How are you going get recruits to come to Huntington, WV?

We have a great program here at Marshall. Our facilities are great, our town is great and our fans are the best in the nation. Plus, we can give them money through all the drugs being sold around town. That money is a lot harder to track thana $25 an hour janitorial jobs.

What is your ultimate goal at Marshall?

To win and become the head ball coach at WVU.

We don't want you.

That's what she said?

You're an idiot. Which brings me to my final question.

Who is your huckleberry?

On Friday night, Bill Stewart.

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