Just So I'm Sure You See It...Hey Cbus, Check This Out



I posted this in a response to another post elsewhere...but I wanted to be sure it got its due, and it had typos and needed editing, and, yes, that is a douchebag pictured above...

I Despise Just About Everything WVUColumbus Says....

…he’s like the bad-guy stereotype you see in sports movies that is almost too impossible to believe…you know, the deposed coach in "Hoosiers," the bitch owner in "Major League," Don Johnson in "Tin Cup," Ted Knight in "Caddyshack," and lest I forget an actual football movie, the new coach of Notre Dame, Dan Devine, in that Irish puff piece/unfair recruiting tool, "Rudy" (interestingly, the same douche that played the deposed HC in Hoosiers…I guess he had the "douche-y guy " role locked up back then the way Chris Messina does now…)

….I mean…come on…The Big East Conference WAS NOT WEAK THIS SEASON!!!! Shit like this makes me shout…sorry, but back it up with some numbers if you believe it was, but just don’t blurt out an assertion because you think it sounds true and expect it to be so…and whatever numbers you come up with (there aren’t many, I already checked), compare them with those from the last five seasons versus any of the BCS conferences. I triple dog dare you.

This is the guy, our esteemed WVUColumbus, who recently accused me of being Tony Caridi, which I find hilarious, and most of you would, too, if you knew me…which, for Cbus, seems to be a standard fall-back position. When confronted with someone like me (read, in his terminology, "homer"), just accuse him of being someone else, preferably notorious, famous, or already employed by WVU, whom he thinks is in a position to favor the program. I can’t speak for other posters like 5YS, IE97, CR, or even WVUSouth (whom I think is the sanest poster here and I don’t think has ever made an argument that wasn’t well-reasoned), but I would hope that they would agree with me when I say that we, as posters in this forum, are fans of the program, and beyond that, reasonable fans with reasonable expectations. We are not a bunch of neophyte babies that think every year is THE year. That doesn’t happen…in business, or sports, or life, or anything! Some years are going to be good, and some years are going to be bad…and what I think this spoiled lot of fans doesn’t realize is that WVU has not been "bad," as in losing record, very often in the last 29 years. We’ve had 4 losing seasons since 1980, only one in the last decade. If you think that sucks, go back and compare it with just about any of the "name" programs and you will see that it stacks up in Top 15 fashion.

And exactly where did some fans of this program get the idea that we are supposed to compete for a national title every year? That is not realistic for ANY program. The only guy that actually brought us to that precipice, twice!, had planes flying over the stadium with signs attached reading: "……..must go." I have researched it and posted about it here and elsewhere and it just DOES NOT HAPPEN!!!!!  The cycle, for every BCS school since 1998 is pretty much a BCS bowl every four years, or the program can do better. Know what that means? Stewart gets two more years to find out…much to WVUColumbus’ chagrin….

I mean, Cbus divulges here that he hates the MSN music! That kind of says it all to me. Granted, it is not what anyone…anyone…would term "great" music, but it is branded…perhaps he is just young, which is what I would hope since I forgive a lot of douchebaggery when people reveal to me that "they are just 23"…anyway when I hear the MSN theme music and its various United Bank accoutrement, it reminds me of years of sad outcomes, and joyous ones, days that were woulda coulda shoulda disastrous (when we lost in 1991 to Virginia Tech, Chris Gray, God rest his soul, falling one half yard short of victory on the game’s last play, and you know what music played on my radio after the game?)…and then days that were exhilarating, where everything just seemed to shine because the miraculous had happened (anyone who listened to Fleming call the comeback against Maryland in 1992 knows what I am talking about, and what music played at the end?...I don’t need to tell you). And hey, moron, has CBS changed their music in the last 25 years? I think Letterman has the same theme, across two networks…uh, how about the ubiquitous Law and Order? Or CSI: Vegas…is that in your consciousness? Hmm….show’s just a few years old and, uh, that’s The Who, right, at the beginning of every episode?  And shit, that song is old.  It’s called "marketing," and it started for this team when we went to Old Gold pants and Blue tops and introduced the Flying ‘WV’ on the helmet under another coach you probably thought sucked (name: Don Nehlen, you know, winningest coach in school history), even though he laid the foundation for the program you allegedly love, but only on winning days, and only if it is pretty. By the way, let’s tip a glass to Nehlen, who, not for nuthin’, was instrumental in getting most of the four-lane roads that lead into Morgantown built…think about that the next time you don’t run into a traffic jam in Fairmont on your way in.

…and what kind of idiotic sentence is "I can’t accept a gradual, slow emergence…back to the Top 10?" What? Your sense of entitlement rivals that of any recruit you have judged elsewhere…

At least there is one thing you are right about, Columbus…just stop watching. Go ahead and stick to basketball. At least the sane and competent among us will only have to deal with your vomit for half the college athletic season, and maybe not even that, because somehow basketball doesn’t seem to merit the comment or vitriol that football does. Is that because you admire Huggins? Or fear him? Clearly, you accord the Huggy Bear a level of respect you don’t accord Stewart, which I find funny, because I bet that 60-year old man could beat your ass in a barroom brawl.

Anyway, it makes me sick that you and I pull for the same team. Were I objective, I would root for WVU to lose just so you, and those who share your ridiculous bent of mind, would never know joy.  Fortunately, my love for the team or the school has nothing to do with you, and I am beginning to wonder why I even come to this site at all. I was a happier fan before the advent of this post-to-post contact with people I wouldn’t give the time of day in a real-world setting.  I'd just finish my beer and be out the door.

Kindly send me your address, and I will send along a case of some much-needed Massengill….

…shit….here’s how I know I am not fully evolved – douchebags (pictured above) like you can still get my goat…so here endeth the rant.  Would that I were strong enough for it to be my last.  And Doctor Charley, if you want to banish me...I will understand.

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