Everyone Loves Light Bulb Jokes

Our friends over at ACC SEC FOOTBALL compiled a list of Light Bulb Jokes, one for each team in the SEC. I thought it might be fun to do the same for the Big East. I'll get it started and you all can chime in to add to, correct, criticize, or amend as you feel inspired:

How many Big East fans does it take to change a lightbulb?


60,000. 1 to track down a Marshall fan and make him change the light for us and 59,999 to stand and sing "Take Me Home, Country Roads" in sweet, sweet victory.


Four. One to unscrew the old bulb and throw it at a Louisville fan as he is passing through, one to steal a new bulb from a local convenience store, and two to distract the cops long enough to give the second guy a chance to get the bulb back to campus.


Fifty. One to change the bulb and 49 to blog about how much better the Orange used to be at changing light bulbs before Paul Pasqueloni got fired.


500. One to change the bulb, 99 to run to the local liquor store to procure enough Jagermeister and Red Bull for the JAGER BOMBS, and 400 to jump on the Rutgers bandwagon, just because.


Only one. But after he did and then swore he was committed to changing light bulbs at Louisville for a long long time, he took a pay raise and bolted for the NFL. The Cardinals then brought in another guy they thought was just as good at changing light bulbs, but as it turns out the guy couldn't even identify a light bulb, let alone change one. It's been dark in Louisville ever since.


15. After a nice warm-up bulb change at home in September, the Bulls thought they could get by with a solid starting 11 and just roll through the rest of the bulbs in a weak Big East. Then they rose to #2 in the nation in bulb-changing, only to drop 5 of their next 7 bulbs, lose a few bulb-changers to injury, and had to bring in 4 new bulb-changers just to limp to a 7-5 finish.


15,000. One to change the bulb, 1,000 to whine about how nobody even noticed that their bulb was on in the first place, and 13,999 to get Randy Edsall as many bulbs in whatever color, size, make and model he needs to keep him in Storrs.


Zero. Pitt doesn't have fans. The people who show up at their home games are just Steeler fans wanting to get an early start on the tailgating.

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