WVU vs. Syracuse: My Grades

The game was over with 11 seconds to go in the first quarter.  We were the better team and proved it early.  We out tackled'em, we out hit'em and out hustled'em, it was Mounaineer Pride, from the heart.

It was not perfect in the second half but we did not need to be perfect. My grades come after the jump...

Offense: A

We matriculated the ball down the field on almost every possession in the first half.  Began doing it again at the start of the second half but got bit by the turnover bug again.  After that our momentum was killed and it took us a while to get back on track.

JB was 22 - 30 for 224 and no interceptions.  While he did miss a couple recievers, he avoided sacks and delivered the ball on the money for the most part.  Devine got 24 touches for 103 yards and 2 touchdowns.  He fumbled for the first time in his career but we got it back.

What was there to complain about?

Defense: B-

We were great in the first half and were constantly stuffing the run. However, in the second half we got lucky with a number of dropped passes.  No matter how you slice it we only gave up 222 yards in total offense.

Our secondary still worries me a lot but if we continue to get pressure on the QB it could be manageable. There just seem to be tons of holes that good QB's could exploit.  Our LB's bite on the run and don't drop deep enough to stop crossing patterns.

Pat Miller played well in his first serious action of the season.  He is going to be good.

Special Teams: B-

Was that ball greased on the extra point?  Kash pulled a Tony Romo and almost converted it for two points.

Our return game looked damn solid with two very nice returns. 

Our kick-off coverage, other than the one long return, was somewhat of an improvement.  Not great but not horrible.  We still need our kicker to get more height and get it to the numbers.

Coaching: B-

I LOVE HCBS's newly found fashion sense.  The sweater vest covers up the little belly and pant height. If Nike makes a gold vest I would rock it out at the Marshall game.

I did not like the decision to punt from the 35 but I can somewhat understand it, kinda.

If we are going to bring Gino into the game late, I say let him throw the dang ball around the field.  It is not our job to stop our own offense.  Let him show us what he can do.

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