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Alright, March Madness is upon us but where will WVU be seeded in the Big East Tournament (BET) and will it get a birth in the NCAA Tournament? Both question are up in the air, but leave it to me to screw things up in explaining to you how I think the scenario will play out.

First, let’s talk about the BET at the World’s Most Famous Arena.

Trying to figure out our seed and who we will play in the BET is like playing pin the tail on the donkey after doing blow and drinking a handle of Jack.

Never done it? Well let me tell ya, it more likely than not ends in you "accidentally" pining the tail on multiple girls boobs and you asking if you can "pin" them later too. Awwww, last night was fun.

WVU could end up seeded anywhere from 5 to 8 in the BET. A win against St. John’s will move WVU into the 5 or 6 seed playing at 2 or 9 p.m. respectively. If, St. John’s mugs a W from the Mountaineers, we will likely end up as the 7 or 8 seed. We don’t really want that because it could mean playing Syracuse, Cincy, or Villanova. Sure, WVU could beat all those teams but wouldn’t you rather play Seton Hall or DePaul? Yeah, me too.

My prediction, is we will end up as the 6 seed and play Seton Hall, who will end up as the 11 seed after losing to Syracuse tonight. We will also make it to the BET semi-finals and have a chance at winning the whole damn thing if Jumpman keeps playing like a future NBA first round pick.

Now to infinity and beyond the NCAA Tourney.

This one is easy because WVU controls its own destiny. With WVU’s win against Pitt and IF we beat the St. Johns Redmen on Saturday we are in the Field of 65.

A loss at St. John’s and a win in the BET and we still should be in BUT if we get beat twice, as Hickman pointed out in the Gazette, we end up around the same level as last years team that did not get an invite to the Big Dance.

Going to the NIT to defend your title is like having a bachelor party for your second marriage or celebrating after finishing the bar exam for the second time.

My prediction is we make it to the Big Dance and end up as an 8 or 9 seed in Raleigh. A trip to the Big Dance means we have far exceeded my and many others expectations. If Huggins can get a group of finesse players to man up, play tough defense and rebound imagine what he can do in the years to come with his type of players.

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