Stewart Mandel....SCHALAP!!

Shoe to the face

Stewart Mandel has written a pretty scathing article about WVU fans, here. It pissed me off, I took off my shoe and here are my reactions. Editor's Note: 5thYear did not think before writing this tirade

  • Mandel states that Michigan is hotter and sexier --- NO! Michigan is the high school prom queen that never left town and is now fat, raising six kids and is married to a local meth-head.

  • Mandel thinks Rod heard about lawsuit on ESPN --- OK, you got us there maybe we should have have served him at the exact time we filed suit. BUT, the 29th was his first day back in the state after Christmas and we served him at his home in West Virginia to maintain the jurisdiction of a West Virginia court. Also, we never would have filed the declaratory judgment action had ARR not said that he was not going to pay the buy-out.

  • Mandel we are a psychotic ex-girlfriend. --- Well, Ann Arbor's a WHORE!

  • Mandel does not like that we are going through his phone numbers. --- We went through them to see if there were any recruiting violations and if there was contact with Michigan prior to the Pitt debacle.

  • Mandel, why quote the Toledo Blade, that was a total fluff piece set-up by his financial adviser. Give me some hard hitting questions.

  • Mandel again brings up the bullshit notion of tradition. --- Does that help you win football games? Obviously not since Michigan lost to Appalachian State. With all their money, boosters, facilities, and tradition how many national championships have they played for over the last 27 years? WVU has done better with less and can obtain "big-boy status" with a few more years of Big East dominance.

  • Mandel, states the Big Eleven is a good conference --- In what world are you living in. Did you not watch the bowl games or the regular season. Good lord

  • Mandel you are not from this state so you will never really understand what it is like to be a Mountaineer and what loyalty really means to us.

After saying all that Mandel is right. It is time to move and quit treating this like some Days of our Lives soap-opera.

We have a new coach and a team that can compete for the national title next year. Get behind HCBS and this team and leave the asshole in Michigan alone.

Karma's a bitch and she BITES.

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