2008 Is Almost Here

On Location: Morgantown, Ya' Heard


So there's a vicious rumor going around town that there's a game tomorrow. I didn't want to believe it. As far as I'm concerned, it's still baseball season. Or women's soccer season. To be...

Please Remember To Celebrate Responsibly


With college football season now just hours away, I though this the best time for a public service announcement. There will be a lot of big wins this season, and at times, you may feel yourself...



As Bob Costas once said, "You're excited? Feel these nipples!"

Karma Can Be A Bitch


There was news yesterday that heralded Shitt recruit Cam Saddler tore his ACL during a non-contact drill. This is a big blow to a team that expected him contribute as a true freshman. While...

Necessary Roughness Redux


Starring Pat Liebig in the role of Scott Bakula. As we all know by now, Pat Liebig was granted his sixth year of eligibility. It only took two months for the NCAA to decide that it's OK to...

The Mostest Definingest Game Of The Season


Contrary to popular belief (see: SEC fans), there are a lot of tough games on this year's schedule. The Big East has transformed itself into a deep conference where no game is an automatic win...

25 Days!


In case you didn't know, there are only 25 days until WVU's opening kick-off against Nova. So get ready for our Mountaineers to lay it on the line, strain, and "atackle" on August 30. If...

Everyone Loves Summer Camp


...at least when that summer camp involves Mountaineer football. My camp never did. It was disguised as "active camp," but fat camp by any other name is still fat camp. But, you know what? It...

Mountaineer Sports Is My Viagra!


Everybody panic! Oh, my God, WBGV is back on the college football blog scene! They will take no prisoners and kill everyone who does not play with heart! Your reward for playing well will be...

Get Your Shit Ready, We're Back


Seriously, we're back. No, really. Back. As in posting again, trying to make people laugh (emphasis on trying). We're a month away from football season, and finally we have that football...

Crystal Ball Of Fun


There are only sixty-five days until the season begins and preseason prognostications are flying in from publications across the nation. Everyone from Pat Forde to stupid SEC fans wearing...

When Was the Last Time Colorado Was Good at Football?


If you said, 2001, you are correct. That was the last time the once proud Buffaloes lost fewer than five games in a season. Since then, Colorado has changed from a coach who used sex to recruit p...

One Lovable Ticking, Psychopathic Time Bomb


Spencer Hall, aka Orson Swindle, wrote something about us. Here is what I thought about it. It's difficult to talk West Virginia football without having someone throw a flaming object or...

2008 WVU Football Wish List


National Championship Kiss a girl. Have Pac-Man make it rain at Hummers after being appointed Interim University President. Steal Dave Mustache's wandstache right before the Pitt game,...

Enough With The No-Name Recruits


Seriously, when is CBH going to start earning his money and recruit real players to Morgantown? Maybe it's not possible, considering Beilein said it couldn't be done. [...

The Gold-Blue Game Happened


Well, color me pleasantly surprised. Between the beautiful weather, huge crowd (at least by WVU standards), and general lack of interest in the on-field action, the Gold-Blue Game was a...

Gold-Blue Game NOT Blue-Gold


Saturday, April 19, 2008 will go down in history as the start of something great. It is the unveiling of this new fangled offense that will put the new era of Mountaineer Football in motion....

Mulling on Mullen


I'm about to write what many in Mountaineer country will consider blasphemy, but...I'm not sold on Jeff Mullen, and am fearful of an offensive collapse. And it's not like my normal fear of the...

The Emergence of Will Johnson


Since 2001, passing at Mountaineer Field has been few and far between. Really, only Chris Henry could be considered a star receiver under Rich Rodriguez. On a lesser scale, Miquelle Henderson and...

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